Shared repair costs..maisonette and ground floor flat

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  • Interlaken
    What does it say in your lease exactly about repairs? You need to read it carefully. The answer lies there.

    I would have thought 50/50 but you need to be sure.

    Are you sure the damp and ruined clothing was due to render cracks and not condensation from not enough ventilation or drying clothing on radiators (adding to the water content of the air)? I would not claim on my insurance for this as it will only put the premium up next time and it is unlikely they will pay up as you have not maintained the building.

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  • Shared repair costs..maisonette and ground floor flat

    I own a maisonette that's on 2 levels above a ground floor flat. The properties are leasehold and we split the freehold by 'paying' each other £1 per year..(in
    theory) There are damp probs in my maisonette from cracks to failed rendering on the gable end wall..I remember reading in the contract years ago something about sharing the costs of repair to the 'building'.. How much would be expected of the ground floor flat owner to contribute?.. I do realise that once the external probs are fixed the internal decor is my own responsibility. I have a tenant renting my maisonette and she has said that she has had to throw a lot of her clothes out due to damage caused by I responsible or is it something she could claim through her insurance or my landlords insurance?..
    Thank you in anticipation

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