Tenants don't understand E7

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    This gadget might interest you guys. It's an economy 7 water timer with preset times. The times are selectable with a screwdriver when you install it, and it has a two year battery. Therefore even if tenant shuts it off at the mains, they should not be able to foul it up.
    Enclosure Protection: IP30. Live Parts: Enclosed. Shock Protection: Class 1. Operation Temperature: 0°C to 35°C.


      The lady moved out today after 5 years, which we are both sad about.

      Out of curiosity, I went and looked at the immersion timer after she left. It was showing 3am when it was 12pm, so of course was using the peak rate.

      The storage heater timeswitch has been shut off at the mains for months it looks like, to save money, so that has stopped working.

      Hey, ho.


        I've confirmed from the electricity meter readings that my tenants did not use the night storage element of the storage heater. They used 3000 units pa on night rate & 4000 units pa on day rate. I think the night rate just accounts for the immersion at 8 units per night. Presumably they just used the top up heater built in to the storage heater, which explains why I had to replace a burnt out element at £80 some years ago.

        The Dimplex Duoheat storage heaters can have the wall spacing adjusted to 30mm, to accomodate a wider skirting board. I'm wondering if they could also accomodate a hidden timeswitch? I would access it through a hole in the back in case I need to change the times.

        Any thoughts?


          If a tenant can't - or can't be bothered to - understand how the heating works it really is their problem!

          I have electric heaters (Farro) attached to a thermostat so they can be programmed like a wet system but the tenant insists on turning them on when he gets home from work like a convection heater and complains that the house is cold!

          He has had the system explained to him by me, the agent and an electrician to no avail. Had a further heater put in to use in this way to keep him happy.

          He is a nurse! Should be able to work out the heating but clearly can't be bothered!!


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