Electric underfloor heating blown - options? Help!

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    Electric underfloor heating blown - options? Help!

    Hi everyone,

    The underfloor heating in our flat has stopped working and we are trying to work out what to do to either fix or circumvent the problem;

    The flat that we have is two bedroom, one level flat with no radiators and underfloor heating in all rooms. When we moved in the heating in the main room would sometimes seem to overheat regardless of what we set on the thermostat and we could smell that it had done so, which essentially we put down to dodgy thermostats and when this happened we would just switch it off. (By overheat I mean that you could smell the heat, and it would be very very hot but nothing more than that).

    A year and a half ago we got a tenant in and whilst they were there the thermostat blew and we had that replaced and assumed that that was the issue solved. About a year later something blew and the whole thing stopped working - none of the dials in any of the rooms were working and you could not turn it on.

    We have just got new tenants and got an electrician in to look at them and when they took the thermostat off the wall there was scorching on the wall so we believed that it had blown again. We got a new thermostat to see whether that would solve the issue. When the electrician took the one that was there off, he had a look and realised that there it was being overloaded with power and decided not to touch it. (Something about there being no earth or not enough earth or something...) we talked about it and we were thinking that we might just switch it all off and get electric flat panel heaters instead but I am worried about the costs of heating for that...

    Does anyone know whether this would be a good idea...?

    To make things more confusing, the underfloor heating in the bathroom now seems to be working and has come back on... The thermostat is a DEVIreg 550 from what I can see.

    Any help or advice greatly appreciated!!!!

    Thank you

    IIWY, I would get some storage heaters. These shouldn't be much more expensive to run than the underfloor heating, as they will also connect to the off peak circuits.


      You wont like this reply.

      Why is it that some landlords refuse to fix problems, "because if will cost too much money".

      Spend the money to fix the wiring and the other problems that are causing the fault.
      Once fixed, job done. No MORE hassles having to change the heating system.

      If we assume a house is let, the roof dissintigrates, would you just throw a large plastic sheet over the roof, suitably battend and sealed, "Because it will cost too much to repair the roof" ?
      Or we are supplying you with candle holders, and your first month of candles as the curcuit for the ceiling lights have a problem, and it's going to cost too much to fix ( sockets ring main still o.k. )

      Spend the money and fix it.


        Ram, while I agree with your sentiments, I also think there is a balance when it comes to repair or replace. if the gold plated taps were broken (not just leaking) would you replace them with gold plated taps, or if you could get some that provided the same function and didn't look out of place, would you for the less expensive option?

        in this case I would have asked the electrician who wouldn't touch it, to give me a price on making it so that he would AND price for a suitable and sufficient alternative and then make a choice.

        Charlidix, perhaps if cant be repaired properly, another solution is to install a new underfloor system on top of the existing one - if its completely tiled, then laying new tiled floor over the original??

        whatever option, it will cost quite a tidy sum, but as ram points out we SHOULDNT use that a reason not to repair/replace to a decent standard


          Originally posted by MisterB View Post
          if the gold plated taps were broken (not just leaking) would you replace them with gold plated taps,
          It's not the same comparison.

          A comparison would be : -
          The taps complete want replacing, but I have fitted those plastic taps you see fitted to the bottom of beer party packs, cos real taps are going to cost too much money.

          And Gold plated taps, if required in the overall look of the place, get replaced with gold plated taps as all the others would be gold plated.

          To be honest, there seems to be a serious electrical fault or a multitude of electrical faults, and to just disconnect and fit a boiler and radiators ( prefered option ) then I would not like to live in a house that has electrical items "discontinued" because they were faulty, and seems to be faulty in every room.

          Not a nice thought that the wiring in the house is faulty, and could be a death trap if the cause is somewhere else not to do with the heating, but the main fuse board, or whatever.

          Irrespective of the thinking to cut off the underfloor heating, my main worry would be, what's the rest of the electrical system like.
          Would you rent the place seeing all the dials, switches etc being on the walls, and being told, "Don't touch those, had a serious electrical fault, so we just disconected" we have not had a the rest of the house checked, as that too costs too much money.
          Here are some fire extinguishers for electrical fires, just in case.

          I would run a mile.


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