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    Septic tank insurance claim

    Hello good forum people

    Just had a company round to quote on a new sewage treatment plant as old septic tank can't cope with modern family water usage. I've had several other quotes already. However he was first to informed me that the new system could be covered by my house insurance as there was root ingress into the current tank which can be classed as damage.

    Point being he uses a company to deal with such claims. They are drainage insurance claims experts! Not sure if I'm allowed to mention company names so won't unless asked below. However it all seems to good to be true. They get paid by the insurance company if a claim is successful and there is no cost to me even if claim isn't accepted. I've always lived by the idea that 'nothings is free in this world' so do I smell a rat.

    Have any forum members had any experience with such 'insurance claims experts'. Their paperwork and website all look very legitimate.

    Any thoughts welcome.



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    I doubt any official will want to take a close look either. Is there any reason they would want to investigate? Neighbour's is 60 years old and still as good as when it was built.
    01-08-2020, 18:39 PM
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