Boiler malfunction.. no hot water!

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    Boiler malfunction.. no hot water!

    Hello everyone!
    Me and my boyfriend moved into a new flat the last week of November. We are renting the place from a couple who used to live here and decided to buy the flat, we signed a regular contract and everything.
    As soon as we moved in, we immediately noticed that there was a problem with our boiler, as the water in the shower was never getting really hot, it was just warm-ish for a few minutes, and then was getting colder and colder again.
    We are both new to electric boilers, and the one we have at the moment apparently is quite old as well, with different switches for different functions, etc.. long story short, we thought we were just not using it properly, so we contacted the landlord, who told us how to switch it on correctly.
    We tried it, but the day after we contacted him again, cause nothing had changed. He said he was gonna send someone over, my boyfriend had to take two days off work, as they didn't have spare keys and he didn't tell us that his plumber was coming the day after he was supposed to.
    He finally came here, but we both were working, so just trusted him when he said everything was fixed.
    We had hot water for half a day.
    A couple of days after we called them again, just to hear that they were leaving the country on a holiday the day after and that they were gonna call the same plumber to come two days later.
    The plumber had my boyfriend's number and called him to tell him that from what he saw the time before there was nothing he could do at the moment, but maybe could have come a few days later to change one of the parts or rewire it, but maybe the boiler was simply too old.
    We clearly cannot take any decisions whatsoever about changing it or do any consistent modifications as this is not our property, but the landlord is not getting back to us, after we tried to contact him several times.
    We are gonna have a different plumber coming in tomorrow and try to help us out, but we are gonna have to pay him straight away after the job.
    My question is: are we legally entitled to ask the landlord to deduct at least the repair cost from our next rent? Considering that we haven't been able to take a hot shower in the last three weeks, and also we had a separate problem with the washing machine as well and they were quite useless, we ended up unblocking the pump of the machine ourselves the other night.. -.-"
    Does any of you guys have any advises for us? This is the first time we are renting a whole flat and we're kind of new to all of this.
    Thank you very much for taking the time to read all of this!
    Hope to hear from some of you soon!

    In general, follow the advice here..
    - particularly about writing (yes, WRITE! - and email if possible, keep copies). Yes I understand they are abroad, but write anyway (in case you later need the letter for legal action).

    Shelter's helpline is 0808 800 4444: Expect a wait (they are v busy I hear)

    Originally posted by bertie17 View Post
    ....We are renting the place from a couple who used to live here and decided to buy the flat, we signed a regular contract and everything.)
    So they were tenants there that bought it?? Are you sure they own it (sorry but I'm a terrible cynic)?? If you have not seen evidence check (for £3..) with landregistry who owns it..

    - I hope this isn't a subletting scam. How did you pay rent & deposit - cash? Receipt?

    Good luck!

    PS I do love the "and everything"..
    I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


      thank you very much for your reply!

      I know it's their own property, they are paying the mortgage, and they were renting it to someone else before, we met the previous tenant when we went to see the flat.

      We have paid the first month rent on their bank account and we have a deposit protection scheme, we are registered to it. Everything seems very legit, I don't think this is a scam of any kind, I just think they are not exactly the most attentive and present landlords.
      There are little problems that can happen and that we can deal with, but not having hot water is definitely not one of them, this situation is just not acceptable.
      We are simply worried that calling someone else to fix any of the appliances in the house could affect us if something goes wrong, or that they will refuse to deduct the cost from the rent, so we were trying to find out which are our rights.

      Thank you very much for your help!!


        Replacement boilers represent a significant cost to a landlord so often they try everything not to buy one and keep on with small repairs which is not very helpful to the tenant.

        Next time you rent ask the age of the boiler at the viewing or take down it's numbers on the makers plate and research in online. Lifetime of a boiler is 8 -15 years. I have had ones last for less. The older the boiler the least efficient it will be.

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          Hello there, I have been reading through this thread and subsequently have some advice. I had a lot of problem with one of my boilers when I first bought the house - the pressure was too low alongside other things, as I had just moved in and there was a lot of things I needed to get for the new house (you know, the essentials) I wasn't keen on spending a lot of money on calling out an engineer. I had a good search online and eventually came across this great site by a company I was not previously aware of called corgi homeplan. It is full of really useful information and it lead me to some videos that helped me fix my boiler myself. It is definitely worth having a look on to see if you can solve your problem yourself! Hope this helps!


            Originally posted by AnnieMcK View Post
            some videos that helped me fix my boiler myself.
            Good info BUT Tenants do not get service contracts with anyone, nor do they pull the covers off and fix it themselves. The landlord does that, and pays for that.


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