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    You old boiler!

    I can probably look this up, but I'm so shattered at the moment I thought I would ask the members, because I know this will be something many of you have had to face in your time.

    A short while ago ( I had a pretty bad time with one property where the washing machine and fridge freezer both conked-out at the same time. That cost, added with the £260 it cost me to repair the Aqualisa shower a bit earlier in the year, means I've spent around £1,100 on this property this year... that's not too bad, but bear in mind the rent is only £550, so it's 2 months of incoming (not bothering about tax etc.).

    Anyway, this morning - emergency phone call as the boiler was leaking... well, it was more than leaking - some "micro accumulator tank" had cracked and water was squirting out of the top of the boiler, hitting the ceiling and coming down in a shower onto the kitchen floor. When I arrived there was about a centimetre of water all over the wooden flooring. After a lot of faffing around (and getting completely soaked through by lying on the floor - why is my stop-cock in such an inaccessible place - will need to look at that) I managed to turn the water off and we got an emergency plumber out who said "blah-blah-blah £300 for the part blah-blah-blah plus half a day of labour"... at which point I realised we were looking at a new boiler.

    So... that's the top-and-tail of it... new boiler. Replacing a 9-year old combi. with something new - on the advice that it's not economical to repair (and the water could have affected anything else anyway).

    What's the tax rules? If I got some all-singing-all-dancing Vaillant combi. boiler with super-duper efficiency and loads of smartness to it - is that classed as some form of betterment..? Or if I do replace a broken boiler with a new boiler (of any type or cost) can I claim tax relief on that because it's a fixture-and-fitting? I am really hoping no-one tells me I must repair to be able to claim tax relief.

    Thankfully my Tenants are quite relaxed. They said "bad luck comes in threes, so this will be it now", but then they remembered that we were really on number four already... so we all had a laugh and a can of Diet Coke. Then I went out to my car and I had a little cry before shouting "GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!"

    Finally... personal recommendations? Vaillant I hear is top of the tree... but Baxi (I was told today) offer a 7 year warranty, which sounds nice.

    If you replace an old boiler with a new one, that's a business expense and allowable.
    Even if the new one is better than the previous one, that's not betterment (unless it spews gold or makes tea or something).

    You have my sympathy.
    The day before a tenant moved we failed a routine gas inspection on a nearly new boiler.
    £1800 that cost me.
    The tax is a crumb of comfort.
    When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
    Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).



      You bought the £1,800 model that makes tea, then? Which one is it and is there the alternative model for coffee?


        No I got ripped off for the labour cost, but did get the job done the following morning and the tenant moved in on time.

        I was drinking something much stronger than tea by that point.
        When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
        Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


          Firstly, Intergas combis are the most reliable you will find - they are designed in a way which eliminates just about every moving part which is likely to fail in a conventional combi - in particular the diverter valve and the secondary heat exchanger.

          Secondly, all the little hitches you've suffered are completely predictable and budgetable! For example, boilers are likely to need replacing every ten years. I reckon on three years from a washing machine. You need to build these costs into your plans, and make sure your rental income covers them. If it doesn't (and you're charging a market rent) then you do not have a viable business!


            Thanks for the Intergas thought... checking into that. Would be interested in what kind of warranty you get there, delighted by the 7 years offered by Baxi so that is probably front-runner. It seems like it's parts and labour too, but I must read all the small print. Intergas do seem to have a 2 or 3 year warranty on parts... no problem if they're so reliable but I'd genuinely expect a longer warranty than that.

            I did budget, by the way. I budgeted on the basis that I would have £1,000 per year per property for repairs - but I'm well over that on this single property now. Nothing has happened at the other, though... I just get down when this Tenant makes contact now because I fear it's gonna damage the pocket (the budget / plan is out of the window to be fair).


              I had a heat exchanger leak on a 3 year old Baxi earlier this year, my usual boiler man (who is great and fixes the faults for other gas registered engineers when they are stuck) said it would be about £300 for the parts and a whole day to change it out.

              He suggested ringing Baxi and seeing if they did a fixed fee call out.

              I rang them and was pleased to find Baxi do a one-off call out with parts and labour for about £280 or £310 for a call out plus a year warranty. I opted for the warranty and it was fixed within a couple of days.

              I have 2 properties with 4 year old Vailant combis and they have not had a fault so far. (Apart from a stuck pump on one after it had been off during the summer)
              I have 4 Worcester/Bosch boilers that are about 9 years old now and get a fault on one of them most years costing about £70 each time (usually a new fan)
              I have 3 Ferrolli combis that go faulty every year (various faults) the only advantage is that they are easy to work on and parts are cheap.

              I wouldn't have thought a replacement boiler could be betterment and have always accounted for them as an expense.


                Thanks. Baxi with 7 year warranty looking like a good option. Baxi Platinum with 10 year warranty (same boiler, I believe) might be of interest too. Chatting to a Heating Engineer gave me extra ideas... wired thermostat good for let properties (can't be lost), magnetic filter or something (to keep central heating in good order).


                  Part of the equation is what your plumber recomends/likes/prerfers to fit, although admittedly you have to consider whether they may just be recommending the model with the best mark up for them.

                  Originally posted by grouse View Post
                  I have 2 properties with 4 year old Vailant combis and they have not had a fault so far. (Apart from a stuck pump on one after it had been off during the summer)
                  I have 4 Worcester/Bosch boilers that are about 9 years old now and get a fault on one of them most years costing about £70 each time (usually a new fan)
                  My own experience: in my own home I had a Vaillant system boiler fitted; it went wrong several times and eventually got written off after only about 6 years - I wouldn't touch another with a bargepole.

                  Conversely, it's replacement was a Worcester-Bosch (as recommended by my tame gasman) which has been brilliant; been about 4 years so far. Came with a 5-year manufacturer's warranty. I had to replace a ancient combi in one of my properties about 18 months ago and again went Worcester-Bosch: no problems at all so far.


                    I've had a chat with three guys (Heating Engineers) today now and two of them offered-up the fact that they'd be happy to fit a Baxi Duo-Tec, one even said I could drop a model from the one I was looking at... kWs / capacity / output or whatever... for this size of house. When asked the other said he would too, but he thought the current generation were a "bit flimsy". 'Quotes' at the moment - pre-survey, so a bit of guesswork, really - range from £1,200 to £1,500.


                      £1,445 for a new boiler installation. One with a 7 year parts and labour warranty, so I'm hoping that will bear out.

                      I'm also getting a Magnetic Filter installed at the same time, which should be good for the property and comes highly recommended, so I'm hoping it's not hocus-pocus and TRVs will be fitted. If other Landlords want longevity of CH systems, and don't have a Magnetic Filter, it might be something others want to look into - supply and fit for less than £100 usually.

                      I'm going to try a Salus ST620RF wireless thermostat / programmer as it looks funky, seems to have a good interface, and is pretty cheap - I was tempted by Honeywell for it being more Tenant-proof, but decided against it due to significant extra cost.

                      I managed to get 4 finalised quotes over the weekend / Monday and the job is being done tomorrow (Wednesday)... so the Tenants are relatively happy, or will be. They will certainly have an improved heating facility overall and I should get some peace-of-mind, having finally got rid of the Saunier Duval piece of tosh.

                      £1,445 x 0.6 still hurts. Fingers-crossed.


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