Do i HAVE to install a separate water supply when splitting a property into 2 flats ?

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    Do i HAVE to install a separate water supply when splitting a property into 2 flats ?

    I own a property that i'm in the process of converting into 2 flats. There is a water supply into the building that i'd hoped to split into 2 to feed each flat. Yorkshire water told me i had to install a separate new feed and have quoted me a staggering £2500 to lay a small length of pipe to connect me to the water main in the street about 1.5m from the boundary from of my property

    The question is legally am i forced to do this or are YW just wanting to cash in on naive property developers ?

    The current supply has no water meter so i was hoping i could just get both flat tenants to split the cost of the single supply.


    There was a thread here recently about literally the same topic. Have you tried searching for it?


      No you don't.

      However you would have to meet the cost as freeholder and recharge it to them. If you still insure and recover that cost and have to maintain and repair the building and any common parts, then just include that in your service charges, however the lease sets those up.

      if unmetered and the flats are rented then offer as Rent + Water and amend the tenancies accordingly and make a charge , with the rent, based on the assessment for that year.If you rent before the new bill is out then make a best guess.

      I would suggest though that in your conversion that you do service the main stop cock ( even if thats just lifting the cover drying it out and dousing it in wd 40 every 6 months) and install shut offs in each flat as that will save many nightmares in future years.
      Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


        Hi - I am a new member and seek some clarity.
        We are converting a large single dwelling to four dwellings to let and I have had mixed guidance on the water supply.
        Ofwat originally told me we could use the existing single supply and then split into four with separate meters but then retracted this after I told them Northumbrian Water told me the opposite.
        The reality is the single pipe currently supplying the property is lead so will need replaced but we would rather replace with it with one 63mm pipe from the main (some 50m distant) than 4 separate supplies from the main.
        At this point Northumbrian Water are telling us we cant do this and we MUST have four separate supplies. Surely either a single supply is legal or illegal? can anyone point me to the legislation to clarify the situation?


          Splitting a water supply

          First off lets just say that the main stop tap in the street we will call external and the one inside the property internal.

          Irrelevant of whether the external stop tap shared or not makes not difference to the outcome as this is not being interrupted or altered in anyway. There will be an internal stop tap inside your house and what you need to do is shut down the external pipe in the street. You then extend you mains pipes, decommissioning the old stop tap as this needs to be an extension of the mains pipe. You send this extension into the new flats and at the end of each 'new main' add a stop tap. You will then pipe a whole new water circuit to feed Central Heating and hot and cold water thus allowing both flats to have their own stop tap. You would be best not using any of the old pipework , unless you are 100% certain of where the branches and junctions are. Treat as a new install from scratch.

          As you are registering through your title split two new properties you have two new addresses and providing it is done correctly your water company can then go and fit two new water meters to these new supplies. Et Voila two new supplies. It just means that if the external stop tap is shut down then both flats will turn off, however if this is a common (Shared) supply anyway it would do this anyway. However if the external pipework solely supplies the property then the responsibility of the internal pipework is down to the house owner. Not the water company. They will tell you the responsibility after the stop tap when it crosses the boundary is not their issue.

          I hope that answers the question without making it complicated.

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