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    Nightmare with painter


    I have just had my property re-painted. Job was to smooth down old paint and prepare surface, apply undercoat and two coats of paint. I went round the other day as they said they've finished, and there is still flaking paint all over the walls, they have just painted over it and obviously not done enough prep work. I spoke to the painter and he said the walls are damp, they have put on two coats as agreed, but it keeps flaking off (this is definitely not true, as we removed ivy from the wall over the summer, and I can still see the bits of the ivy stalk on the paint flakes hanging off the wall!). What right to I have to withhold payment until they make good the job?

    I take it you are talking about outside paintwork - I assumed inside until I saw the Ivy mentioned!

    Did you get a written estimate for the work? Does estimated say prepare/remove Ivy roots? Was removing Ivy roots mentioned?

    If no estimate or written contract then you will have to negotiate or just refuse to pay as your verbal contract said to remove the roots and or paint brickwork not roots.

    Sale of Goods and Services Act 2008 if you want to get legal - failure to carry out work with due care etc - go read up on it.

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      Why are you having outside paintwork done in late October/November? The walls may well have been damp or wet, simply because of the time of year and the weather we've had recently. Did you insist they did it at the end of Autumn, or what? Any decorator worth his or her salt would have told you that it is not a good idea to be painting outside after September.

      And are we talking about proper masonry paint here, or what? As far as I am aware you don't need 'undercoat' for masonry, just two coats of good quality masonry paint such as Johnstone's, Little Greene or Dulux Weathershield. What did they use?

      However, they should still have started with proper preparation and it sounds as though they did not. I would not want them to be attempting to remedy it at this time of year, though. Tell them that you will pay them in the Spring when they have come back, scraped/sanded back to a smooth surface and re-applied 2 coats of quality masonry paint. If they get stroppy and threaten to sue etc, tell them you'll see them in court. But take lots of photos of the work now.
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