Problems with the ECO Scheme?

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    Problems with the ECO Scheme?

    Hi. Has anyone else experienced problems getting free boilers installed on the ECO scheme? I have now had three separate companies go round my tenants to assess them and those that qualify never hear back from the installers, or if they do they never quite get the boiler installed. The latest company seems to not be returning anyone's calls and the independent assessor, who I know, says he cannot get through to them and that he thinks they are no longer interested because they won't have the cash flow to pay for all the materials and labour up front while they wait for the grant money to come in 2 or 3 months down the line. I can't be sure that's what's happening but I'd be interested in knowing if anyone has similar trouble. Is this how the funding works?

    If any landlords who have successfully had a new boiler installed on the ECO scheme are able to recommend a reliable company in north-east England then please PM me. The emphasis is on reliable as my tenants are understandably getting cheesed off at being continually assessed for the same thing.

    Any views or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

    I wouldn't bother with free schemes. The systems that get installed are notorious for being unreliable.

    They wanted to install central heating in a 6 bed house of mine, but only proposed to install a radiator in one bedroom, as there was only one occupier. What a joke!


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