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    damp on the walls

    Hi all,
    we have recently signed (2 mths ago) a new tenancy agreement and a damp
    appeard on the wall , in a bedroom and in dinning room (both have a damp on outside walls) i believe that before we moved into the house it was
    just covered by fresh paint. We were talking about this problem with our landlord and he said that there is no way on how he can fix this problem because as it is caused by condensation and by poor ventilation of those rooms - he said there was always problem with condensation in the house... So we decided to measure humidity in the bedroom (the only room from
    those two that can be completly closed, so there were no side effects on humidity - and average was 60%. His advice on how to solve the problem
    with condesnation in the house is to leave windows opened for all the
    time, which should help with ventilation.

    My question is how can i force my landlord to fix that damp on the wall, because i believe, this damp is not caused by poor ventilation and
    condensation from inside of the house but it is caused by poor structure of the outside walls.

    thanks for any adivce

    It would be unlikely to be condensation causing the damp this time of year

    Start by trying to identify why damp is occurring. Is there a leaking gutter or pipe above/adjacent/in the wall? Is the pointing missing outside or is it rising damp? Sussing this is not rocket science. Then ask the landlord to visit and show him the problem and ask for remedial works.

    In your AST under the part 'landlords responsibilities' it will state that the landlord has a duty of care to keep the building in good order - show this to the landlord or write to him illustrating your point.

    If that fails approach your local council who will have somewhere a tenancy relations officer and complain about poor living standards- your landlord might re-act and get the work done if he thinks the council may get involved.

    In an extreme cases tenants have refused to pay rent and got the work done themselves - leave this to be a last resort. If this is a 6 month contract you may consider just leaving at end of tenancy.

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