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    New boiler advice

    I have today unfortunately had the dreaded news that one of my boilers has gone to boiler heaven... At 30 years old it had a fair innings.

    Could I get some advice and feedback from fellow landlords, with regards what boilers would you recommend? I am looking at a condensing combi boiler, and have asked the plumber to quote me for an Ideal Logic+, and then (for comparison) a Worcester Bosch model.

    Have you had any particularly bad or good experiences with different boiler brands? I am looking for a decent boiler with a reputation for reliability as a first priority, but (despite asking for the Worcester quote) I don't really want to buy a premium product... Happy to go to a mid range price point.

    Thanks in advance.

    First of all have you investigated the Green Deal?

    I don't have the Green Deal myself because I'd rather get things paid upfront and then I can advertise my property as having no Green Deal fuel surcharge.

    I've got a Feroli which has broken down twice in around 15 years. The first time it needed a new timer, and it's just broken down again and I think it's the timer again.

    I've got one Ariston which is very old. When I bought the property it needed two new boards which was expensive but now it works fine.

    I've got one Alpha which is 6 years old and has never had a problem. It is in the attic though so Ts can't mess with it!

    The rest are Worcesters and they've all been great too.

    They all seem to be much of a muchness to me. I've not really been hany help, have I?


      Club 85, dont go ou out and buy a new boiler just yet!

      There is a scheme out there that may just get your boiler changed free of charge with a premium boiler.

      Google ECO energy companies obligation. Its where the big energy companies have been made to put a big lump of money in a pot to combat energy poverty.

      In a nut shell, if your tenant is on a qualifying benefit or low earmer and the existing boiler is over 10 years old then it can be replaced free of charge with no gimicks!! It applies to homeowners, landlords or tenants.

      A tenant of mine applied and had a brand new valiant combi boiler installed free of charge with a 2 year gurantee. Wow!! I couldnt believe it myself!


        Vaillant ecotec. Simple to operate and so far very reliable. Had an Ariston that after 5 years needed the board replacing which was 450.-Gbp


          I'd recommend Vaillant too.


            A Worcester Greenstar combi has survived 8 years in our student house so far with only one major repair. The Vaillant combi we have at home has been great for five years but we've had to call the engineer out four times this winter for different things. That is an oil one, though. Don't know if it makes a difference.
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              if your tenants are receiving child tax credits and earning under 16,000 a year you can get a brand new boiler free of charge under the new ECO scheme.
              Inbox me for more details

              God luck


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