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  • Air source heat pumps

    Has anyone installed an air-source heat pump in place of a regular boiler? If you have, how do they compare?

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    Local council fitted them in sheltered accommodation throughout the area. They are warm and not too noisy. However electricity bills do not improve enormously! They are much more expensive to install (I had £7K quote for 3 bed semi as opposed to less than 3K for gas boiler). One other thing: in this weather the condensation runs off them and freezes on the ground forming a beautiful skating rink by the back door.
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      Thanks for that. Were they installed in place of gas boilers do you know?


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        No storage heating
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          I have had numerous consultations with my plumber who has been researching this and we conclude that at present these pumps are still in the developmental phase for existing properties and they are VERY expensive with no fantastic benefits at present.

          I was proposing installing one in a cellar conversion.

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            Thanks for that, on an EPC, they won't be recommended as an alternative heating system where mains gas is available, unless savings of £10 per year or more are estimated, when compared with a modern condensing gas boiler. At my house, they don't get recommended by the EPC, so that fits in with what you are saying.

            This might change when the Renewable Heat Incentive starts (supposedly this year) and a tariff is introduced, similar to the ones for solar panels.


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              I am particularly interested to know how they perform in the coldest part of the year, when you need them most. The manufacturers are claiming that they work down to -35!


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                [QUOTE=EcoDave;416966The manufacturers are claiming that they work down to -35![/QUOTE]

                Define 'work'?
                It it means that they produce heat, yes surely. But if it means that they produce more heat than what they use in electric energy, that's be a breakthrough...


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                  To be honest the (small) house I have seen it in (bungalow) is much warmer than with storage. They say 1kw in give 3kw of heat out. Heating has been adequate throughout the cold snap. There is no mains gas where they are fitted and options are calor or oil only....
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                    They do work very well and even in current conditions they produce sufficient heat.

                    The problem with retro fitting it to an existing property, is the condition and quality of that property.

                    Being very simplistic, if the property isn't very well insulated, with good ventilation controls then an air source heat pump is never going be the best option.
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