Free Solar Panels / Free non-cavity wall insulation

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    Free Solar Panels / Free non-cavity wall insulation

    Last September I read this article on Property118

    The promise appealed to me for one property so I made contact. Unfortunately, the company concerned isn't setting me on fire with it's service level so it may be time to find a different company. There is the problem. My relationship with this company is still so in it's infancy that I have no idea what 'scheme' these people were promoting.

    Any ideas, because I can't find similar schemes anywhere? Property in Wales & the above company assured me this 'scheme' is available here.

    I am looking for the promised 'free' solar pv panels and solid-wall insulation.

    This is the Energy Company Obligation that supports the Green Deal scheme in circumstances where hard to treat properties are identified, and/or where residents are identified as being vulnerable, in fuel poverty or on certain benefits. "Hard to treat" would include solid walled properties, those with narrow cavities or in locations that have access issues. The first step towards this should be to get an EPC conducted, unless one has been done since April last year, in which case that EPC could be verified and then used. If your resident fits any of the profiles I have mentioned,there may be a route to approach the energy company directly and ask them about what help they may be entitled to under the ECO. I think they would probably then organise for an EPC to be done, not sure if they would charge. Solar panels are unlikely to be free though, sorry. And if you had the solar panels installed through a supporting fund such as ECO or even Green Deal, you would not be entitled to the feed-in-tariff, which i guess is why you want them no?


      Hi Snorkerz

      The previous reply is about spot on. ECO funding is available now, your best bet is to locate a Green Deal Provider from the website which is the overseeing body. I can put you in touch with reputable Companies who are about to become Green Deal Providers who can help. I have tried to find out about the company you mention, but can locate nothing, which would make me wary. There are a number of sales companies at the moment who are selling something which is not likely to be available on the back of Green Deal and then selling/ trying to sell on the sales leads to other unsuspecting companies.

      My company has Green Deal Assessors and we are just awaiting final certification as a Green Deal Advisory Organisation so we do have knowledge of what is/is not available.
      Jane Needham

      Whilst the advice given is believed to be correct, I hold no liability for any actions taken on the basis of the advice.


        Why do I have a feeling that this is going to go the same way as EPC assessors - another failed get rich quick scam?

        Freedom at the point of zero............


          DECC have issued an update in the last week to say that anyone using Green Deal to help pay for solar pv will be able to claim the feed-in-tariff. However, when calculating how much can be financed under Green Deal, the tariff payments are not taken into account, just the savings on electricity bills. In most cases this means that solar pv systems won't be fully funded under Green Deal.


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