Repair or replace old kitchen?

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    Depends what grade it is.

    Of course the flecks maybe oil or food.
    There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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      The flecks are rust.


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        Oh for goodness sake replace, What is inside the cupboard door is what what worries me.

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          If your money is sufficient for a renovation, then I suggest that

          you change everything. If you do not have the budget for it though,

          you can list down all that needs repairing in your kitchen. I agree

          with JKO as well. Why not have it painted with another color so

          that it will look better? Keeping the design simple will make it

          elegant at the same time.


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            If you can let it then I would let it as long as you are not having to take in a bad tenant.


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              I kinda like the retro look now

              If you wait long enough they will become genuine antiques!

              Modern budget kitchens leave me cold.

              The question is are the units still sturdy and can they be kept clean. If tenants are happy then just do the minimum to keep it reasonable.

              We moved a 70's schrieber kitchen about 20 years ago from one room to another. (This really grated the workman at the time as he thought we should have got new) New worktops and tiles and it looked great. We moved out but the original units are still going strongish. If we had replaced it with new units at the time it would now be twice as knackered as the current ones.
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                Could anybody recommend a good extractor fan?

                I'm looking for something great quality and long lasting. I don't care if it's pretty, super quiet, etc.
                Something pretty common would be good as well so I'm sure any electrician will be able to fit it easily.

                This is the...
                19-07-2017, 10:04 AM
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                I have one of these in my bathroom - not silent, but quiet enough.
                I've found that they vary from box to box, though....
                Shop Silavent SDF100TBS Axial Extractor Fan with Backdraught Shutter & Timer. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders
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                Hello. I'm a new BtL landlord and have just bought an upper flat with two bedrooms, one in the attic. The conversion is very old and there is no paperwork associated with it. It has been let out for 30 years previously and is very tired, so I intend to freshen it up, put double glazing in and let it...
                14-07-2017, 09:01 AM
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                of course it matters who owns the windows as a matter of principle - if they fell out and injured someone, who holds the liability? chances of it happening ...... in reality, next to none. so in your case it seems it isn't an issue, but I have two flats in a block of LA flats. the lease states they...
                18-07-2017, 20:05 PM
              • Reply to What to look for in double glazing quotes
                In Newcastle and the surrounding parts, it is perfectly normal. It is not a flying freehold, it is a criss-cross arrangement most popularly associated with 'Tyneside Flats'....
                18-07-2017, 08:22 AM
              • Reply to What to look for in double glazing quotes
                A flying freehold doesn't seem to be a good position to be in for a residential flat.
                17-07-2017, 10:39 AM
              • mysterious dust
                We've got a family in a 3 bed mid-terrace 1930s brick and tile house and prior to them moving in a year ago, we did quite a bit of work on the property including remedying some damp issues (not major) a complete replaster and redecoration. It was mint when the family moved in.

                A year...
                22-03-2017, 14:28 PM
              • Reply to mysterious dust
                Of course, you only had the tops of the walls plastered?
                17-07-2017, 09:44 AM
              • Reply to mysterious dust
                Area has trees front and back so we get gutters done every year. The dust isn't just upstairs either. It's appeared to a lesser extent downstairs. The plaster is my bet. It was all done by the same plasterer and he was a different plasterer to the one we used for the other properties we've refurbished...
                17-07-2017, 09:21 AM
              • Reply to What to look for in double glazing quotes
                Hi. Thanks for the input. With these flats they are criss cross freeholder / leaseholder. The bottom flat has the freehold to the top one and I will own the freehold to the bottom one. So technically the bottom flat is responsible for looking after the bit that keeps up my flat and I am responsible...
                16-07-2017, 18:25 PM