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  • Kitchen Doors & Drawers Replacement

    Does any one know where I can get the following style of doors replaced?

    Will try to add a photo later on as it doesn't seem to upload from work.
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    I found this place the other day Rob:

    Any use to you?


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      Thanks for the link it seems like the Westburry design but not quite there.


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        This should work:

        it does look to be similar to a Howdens Tenby kitchen:


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          I agree it does look very similar - I've got this in one of my lets.

          Howdens are notorious for only letting tradesmen buy from them and they hate selling doors only (without carcass). I would give them a try though - you could always take door back if it was not the one.

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            I rang up my local and they said they don't supply doors, so I'm probably going to have to find someone in the trade.


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              Originally posted by Interlaken View Post

              Howdens are notorious for only letting tradesmen buy from them
              'Notorious' seems a bit OTT! They do advertise themselves as 'trade only'. It's not a crime.
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                Even so MTG they are very whingey (sp?) if you only want to buy doors and keep old carcasses. I don't have an account myself (Howdens let a woman have an account - never!) but two carpenters (male) that work for me report problem if only wanting to order doors.

                MTG - I'm not saying it is a crime (your words) but a real annoyance.

                Freedom at the point of zero............


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                  I am a woman with an account at Howdens :-)


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