Hob Replacement - Induction Hob?

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    Hob Replacement - Induction Hob?

    Hi All,

    I'm looking to replace an old electric hob in an all electric flat. People always moan about not having a gas hob for cooking so I was thinking of getting an induction hob which on paper seems to be just as good for cooking as gas.

    As I've never owned one personally, do you have one? are they any good? Would you fit one in a rental property.



    I believe I read somewhere that if you put your finger containing rings over the hob, the ring heats up due to the induced currents, and causes a nasty burn.

    I think I would rather not take the risk of that happening to my tenants. Just put in a bog standard (non-glass) hob that will take some punishment


      I have one in one of my properties and never had a complaint. Only heats up if there is a metal pot on the stove. Pots cannot be aluminium. Great thing is because the hob is cold once you remove the pot you don't get any burnt food so easy cleaning. I would fit one in my properties.


        I wouldn't put one in a rental unless you're also providing induction compatible saucepans.

        I always put in regular electric ceramic hobs. I've never had a tenant complain that there's no gas hob.

        Incidentally, don't get a frameless one. The edges are susceptible to chips/cracks.


          I don't think a ring would get you burnt on the current models as they have checks to insure that the item placed above is a certain size.

          Good point about going for a frame. Looks like I'm going to have to go ceramic as the framed induction unit are just too costly!


            Funny, because I think frameless tend to be more expensive than the framed version for regular ceramic hobs.

            But I assure you the frameless ones do chip, as if by magic. Not just tenant carelessness. My own frameless hob at home has also got chips/minor cracks, and I've no idea how they happened. So my policy is now to avoid frameless.


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