What costs will be included as part of the Green Deal Finance?

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    What costs will be included as part of the Green Deal Finance?

    What costs will be included as part of the Green Deal Finance?

    we have solid walls, so solid wall insulation advised
    but attached to solid walls are sockets, radiators, kitchen units, combi boiler
    also cornice present

    to fit insulation all the above need to be removed
    then need refitting prior to making good

    what associated works are included when calculate whether fitting insulation meets golden rule ?

    Is it just cost of fitting & making good as though clean wall, with LL paying for ring main & radiators etc to be reinstated ?

    If all associated costs were included then unlikely to meet golden rule as savings would not justify all the expense.

    So job may or may not meet golden rule depending on how costs calculated.

    Sounds as though the Green deal may not be suitable for you, as the
    energy company pays for the insulation, but will have to draw the line
    somewhere, and in effect overlaying your walls would maybe not
    financialy viable.

    You do of course know that to finance this, your are tied to a much
    higher cost of electric / gas, as the tarriff goes up to pay for it, until
    it is all paid off, and every tenant continues to pay the higher energy

    Suggest you talk to the firms that do this work, as we canot advise on
    the limits of costs placed on the contractors. Only they can advise you.



      Here is some background information to the Green Deal.


      Unfortunately, I do not believe it will be advantageous to the most needy houses. The middle classes will benefit most.
      I can take no responsibility for the use of any free comments given, any actions taken are the sole decision of the individual in question after consideration of my free comments.

      That also means I cannot share in any profits from any decisions made!


        Will try to avoid the loan if poss, it will be shown on the EPC that potential tenants will have access to.
        Will be offputting to tenants & depress rental value.

        Read the link, interesting.
        I notice after 2018 local government takes over supervision of EPC system.
        So they will decide which of measures recommended on EPC will be implemented.
        Concern is they not tied to golden rule.
        So may require measures that uneconomic, with the LL financing.


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