Guarantees from now dissolved companies

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    Guarantees from now dissolved companies

    Would anyone have any advice for me, in trying to trace the builder of a now dissolved company. I know that businesses fail for all sorts of reasons, sometimes perfectly legitimately so am not conducting a witch-hunt, but fail to see why someone ought not be held accountable for work undertaken carrying a guarantee. If said builder is now trading as AN Other in same business, then morally ought they not personally still be held accountable? I'd like to think they would be grateful of the opportunity to put things right...

    You are right in all you say, but,

    Legaly, there is nothing you can do, if he was a "Limited" firm, which
    your post suggests, builder has no obligation to do anything, as it
    was the company that went bust, and the "company" gave the
    guarantee, not the builder, and builder was employed by the

    In the eys of the law, the builder worked for the company, which
    no longer exists, and has no money.

    Yes, we all know the builder WAS the company , but you wont get
    any satisfaction, sorry to say.
    Look at it another way , if he did bad work all the time, he wont
    have the money to rectify all the faults, via the new company, and
    wont earn any money if he spends his time rectifying jobs from
    the previous firm.

    Yes, it should not be allowed to happen, going bust then starting
    up again, but there is nothing we can do about it.
    Nothing to stop you going to the T.V. program Cowboy builders,
    but not even they are sucessful.



      I echo your first sentence! I don't even know what the circumstances were, so like I say, am not wanting to go in heavy handed or accuse anyone of coyboyism, just be interested to be able to have the conversation with person concerned...


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