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    Hi there

    Are EPCs required for hotels?

    For HMOs are EPCs required for one property

    Or for each lettable room?

    Why are EPCs so important by the way?


    Yes EPCs are required for hotels. It would be a commercial EPC that is tequired.

    Yes EPCs are required for HMOs, on the basis of one for the whole property. Again it would be most likely to be by way of a commercial EPC. EPCs are not required on the lettable room as it doesn't normally fit the definition of a dwelling within the relevant Regulations.

    EPcs are continually becoming more important as the government tries to reduce carboin emissions and help home and business occupiers reduce energy bills as a result. With th introduction of Green Deal later this year, and changes to the EPC due in April, as a landlord it would be in their interests to obtain more information. There are moves afoot to ensure that by 2018 all let properties should have a minimum EPC rating (with certain exceptions) otherwise the property can't be let.

    If a potential tenant is looking at two properties, one which has had energy effiency works done, and one identical except it has no energy efficiency improvements, this will show up on the EPC as higher in costs to run. I know which I would choose to live in!

    I do both commercial and domestic EPCs so I hope the info helps

    Jane Needham

    Whilst the advice given is believed to be correct, I hold no liability for any actions taken on the basis of the advice.


      Thanks for the reply!
      Do EPCs last for 10 years?


        What is the Green Deal?

        What is likely to be the minimum rating for letting out your property in 2018?


          Yes EPCs last for 10 years.
          From 2018 you will need a rating of E or above or the property cannot be rented.



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