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    L's responsibilities regarding mould?


    This morning I discovered mould in the corner of my bedroom. (I live in a houseshare with my landlords.) However I had to leave the house in the morning and when I returned in the evening my landlord confronted me, telling me that she had cleaned up the mould, using bleach and that I should not put anything near that area in the near future. Due to extensive research online I confronted her with the fact that bleach does neither kill nor remove mould but decolorizes and even "feeds" it and that we should try to figure out why the mould is there as it poses a health risk. She then proceeded telling me that I'm talking rubbish, that it was a health risk when I didn't know it was there so why should it bother me now and that she simply doesn't have the time or the nerves to deal with that.

    My question now is. What are my landlords responsibilities? Does she have to find out what causes the moul? And make sure there is no health risk anymore? Does my landlord even have to do anything or is it all my problem?

    Thanks, I'd be very grateful for any help cause this is really worrying me right now.

    Your landlord does have responsibilities under the HHSRS (Housing Health and Safety Rating System) in which damp and mould growth are identified as as number one on the list of "hazards".

    If you called your local council's environmental health department they would be obliged to send an officer out to inspect the premises, and this would cover not just damp and mould, but all of the other potential risks to health and safety in the place. I doubt if your landlords would be happy about the prospect.

    If you want to stay where you are, you could try using a proprietory mould killer (hardware stores sell this as a spray). Cold outside walls can easily get condensation if furniture is immediately against the wall, but equally there might be some other reason for the damp (and there won't be mould unless the wall is damp).

    However, as you have live-in-landlords you are therefore a lodger with very little security of tenure.

    People are generally not happy about being "confronted". Be aware that kicking up a big fuss about this could lead to your landlords asking you to leave in accordance with the terms of any written agreement you have with them. If you have no written agreement, then seven or fourteen days notice might be seen as reasonable.


      Thank you.

      Dear Sad S,

      Thank you very very much for being there and replying to my questions so fast.
      Your answer really helps me in figuring out what to do next.
      Thank you so much!


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