Cavity Wall Insulation ( LL or tenant)

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    Cavity Wall Insulation ( LL or tenant)

    Hi - we rent out a small property to a nice tenant. He's been there for over 6 months and was in work when he arrived. Since then he has sadly been made redundant and the rent gets paid every month so he must be getting housing benefit. I do remember signing a form for him.

    There is no cavity wall insulation in the property but others in that row tell me that they've had it a few years ago and it has been great. I mentioned it to our tenant when he moved in last Spring and he said he wasn't bothered because he is not a cold person. It's fully double glazed but the only heat is electric wall heaters, so I think it could soon get colder than he imagines. There is some insulation in the loft but it is boarded out so I don't think extra insulation is an option.

    I see that if you are on certain benefits you can get this done very cheaply or free so do I suggest he applies or do I just go ahead and get it done for him and pay. I can't imagine it will be very expensive as it's just a one-bed house.

    Thanks in advance.

    I think he has to apply - ask your council what the procedure is.

    Even if it is you who organises it, he will need to co-operate with the contractors over access, etc., so you cannot just go ahead and 'get it done'.

    In the end if he refuses you will just have to wait until he move sout and do it then (by which time the lgrants will probably have dried up!). He's mad to refuse it though - it will make a big difference to his fuel bills and to the 'cosiness' factor in his home.
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