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    Blown/misted Upvc windows

    I'm actually a tenant so I hope it's ok to post here?

    Ok, my problem is that I have 3 blown/misted window panes, 2 are in my room one in my daughters. One pane is very badly misted, looks like it is heavily raining inside, the other 2 just look like they have a bit of fog on them.

    I have spoken to my landlord and he has said 'they're cosmetic' so wont fix them. TBH he has only done the absolute minimum to the house (I also have a radiator that is cold at the top but the valve is broken so it can't be bled and he wont replace that either and a outer back door that is rotten but still 'secure', other things too but I'll save that so not to bore you all lol).

    I really like this house, and really love the area, but am niggled by these things, I mean is it really too much to expect to be able to see out of the windows?

    I do appreciate that this is a business and he's trying to make money (I know he has a number of other properties) but it is beginning to get wearing.

    Does anyone have any advice?

    Well I have got misted glazing at home and have lived with it for ages because it will cost so much to replace! I have other priorities for my cash and they can wait. Mine are Georgian type small panes so it would cost a fortune and to be honest it would be cheaper to buy a new window! I don't think they are too much of a problem in the bedrooms but would not be happy with them in the lounge for example. The radiator issues and possibly the back door should be sorted. What do others think?
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      Well if you took the letting and they were misted then there is little redress ( it should be in the epc as it means there is no vaccuum between panes reducing their efficiency).

      If it has hapened later if it materially affects the view then I think there is an obligation to repair it.

      On the back door if it creates a real draft then they should repair. I would spend an hour or two with a rot hardener eg Ronseal, epoxy filler, and some paint.

      The radiator is clear case of giving him seven days notice to repair or you will deduct from the rent.
      Based on the information posted, I offer my thoughts.Any action you then take is your liability. While commending individual effort, there is no substitute for a thorough review of documents and facts by paid for professional advisers.


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        Because tenant is obviously too half-witted to take care of your property....
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        Constant running fans operate at a very low flow rate 'constantly'. Then, when it is required, it goes into a second speed and increases the extract rate. The perfect trigger for this is a Humidistat detector built into the unit. This keeps air moving within the room.

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        JK0 why issue a s21? It wasn’t a complaint, they just asked if anything could be done/looked at. It was a text message so I guess that would class as in writing in today’s society....
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        1a) Trading Standards can issue a penalty charge notice.
        1b) The EPC must be provided before a valid no fault eviction can be started.

        2) No

        3) Trading Standards.
        17-10-2019, 22:12 PM
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        I'd use a s21 notice IIWY, as long as tenant has not complained in writing.
        17-10-2019, 20:43 PM
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        To deal with condensation you need to think about heat and ventilation. Both the bathroom and kitchen are major generators of moisture and in the bathroom you should fit a high quality extractor fan that operates automatically when the moisture level is high, and make sure the radiator is working. In...
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        One small step - thank you for the advice. Just an update, I’ve been round in heavy rain to observe the outside and can’t see any issues with rendering etc. The roof has been check and is ok. This morning I’ve had a damp specialist out. It was a feee visit to diagnose the problem. They have said...
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