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    Modernisation of property


    We (as in me and my partner) currently rent a flat, we have been here two years now and in that time the landlord has not been bothered with the property. We rent through an agency and so any problems we have goes through them and they sort it out.

    When we first moved in the property was old and the kitchen, bathroom and carpets where showing wear and tear. The landlord said that he would replace a patio/balcony window with a double glazed door after 6 mths as the current one is rotting away nicely.

    However so far the only thing that has been done is re-painting of three rooms, and that was only because there was a lot of mould and cracks appearing on the walls. Because the flat is in a block of 4 the other landlords wanted to replace the guttering and fascia boards to combat the mould problems but my landlord refused to pay his share so this never got sorted hence the mould coming back.

    Now I like my flat it is in a nice area and the neighbours are lovely and we have no intention fo moving for some time, we also pay our rent on time and try our very best to keep the property in a good order.

    What I want to know is if it would seem cheeky if I asked our landlord if he had any intention of updating the property in the near future. I don't want anything fantastic but we pay the top end rent for the property and it is gettinga bit embarressing having people see it in the state it is in. So if a tenant of yours asked the above what would you say or how would you feel?

    landlord wont modernise flat

    Your best bet is to Look around and if you find something better for the same kind of money MOVE!

    Your landlord unfortunately doesn't grasp that good calibre tenants are to be retained and it is reasonable for tenants to ask and expect maintenance to carry on during the lettiing. I regret to note he is too tight for his own good


      I agree. It might though be worth writing to him and telling him exactly what you have told us, pointing out that in many places rents are falling and suggest the three most pressing improvements you would like him to make. Say that you will be happy to fit in with any arrangements he makes for contractors to come and do the work. If he ignores you, consider serving notice (but don't cut off your nose to spite your face. Find somewhere else nicer/cheaper first!_
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        If the guttering / fascia boards are actually damaged, this is a structural repair under section 11 of the 1985 Landlord & Tenant Act. You might try arguing that his failure to do anything about this makes the property uninhabitable (not sure if a court would agree) and you would therefore like your rent back for the period the property has been like this. Obviously, this would lead to a period of negotiation - but you might get a little off your rent .

        You might also want to have a confidential chat with the councils environmental health officer to see if there are any issues they could help with.


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