Parkray 99g - EPC?

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    Parkray 99g - EPC?


    Not sure if anyone can help but had a potential tennant view property today and asked how efficient a parkray was.
    I have never used a parkray in my life and cannot find a good answer on the great www, there are a few sites that give some figures but nothing that I can really send to her that means anything.
    Don't really want to spend on a new EPC as have run out of funds but would a new epc give her the answer she is after?
    We have had the walls cavity insulated, new loft insulation and new parkray with flue.

    Thanks in advance

    Parkrays are enclosed coal burners which can run central heating systems, but they are less efficient than condensing boilers (which are typically about 90+% efficient). You will be lucky to achieve 40-45% efficiency with a Parkray because combustion is often incomplete. They are better than an open fire with a back boiler (about 20% efficient) but are generally only installed when there is no gas. If it's a new Parkray, the energy efficiency figure for the model you have bought should be in the documentation which accompanied it.

    Some people like them because they are cosier to look at than a big white box, but they are rarely the 'boiler of choice' as they really bump up the heating bills.

    The changes you have made, especially the cwi and the loft insulation will certainly have improved the EPC rating but the Parkray may not have - it depends what was there before. If you had another EPC done by the same DEA, he might give you a discount - and it will give a better estimate as to the annual fuel bills.
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      Thanks for your reply, there is no gas or oil at the house. There was an existing parkray that was pretty rotten so we replaced it as well as lined the chimney.
      It certainly isn't ideal but was the only viable option with the property.


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