Central Register for Accredited Energy Assessors?

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    Central Register for Accredited Energy Assessors?

    Can anyone please point me to a central register to find energy assessors in my area. I did stumble on one website but none of the people I am sure are qualified as assessors are listed.

    Many Thanks

    Try www.energyassessor.com or www.energyassessorsforums.co.uk?
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      Thanks jeffrey - Neither of these sites appear to help so I will give my local Trading Standards a call in the morning. Two ways I may want to use the register 1) type in a postcode and get all the registered energy assessors in my area or 2) I am approached by somebody who claims to be an energy assessor so I check the register to see if they are listed.





        Find a Domestic Energy Assessor, SAP Domestic Energy Assessor or Home Inspector
        There's also links at the bottom of the above page to check with the approved schemes directly.

        Find a Non-Domestic Energy Assessor

        (LLZ: Energy Assessors - Directory)
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          In my experience, half the tenants dont know what an EPC is, the other half couldn't give a monkeys.
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          Oh, that's an interesting explanation Blinko. You mean that the flat is big enough for three people, so the energy cost mentioned on the EPC is per person? That's a bit mad though, isn't it? ...
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        • Reply to New EPC is nonsense
          I don't forget these things are theoretical so a one bedroom flat might theoretically in a calculation terms be two people where is reality could be one for two bedroom it could be two adults and two small children
          26-06-2019, 18:19 PM
        • Reply to New EPC is nonsense
          Thanks Sam. That is interesting. Even two neighbours on my landing with gas heating only manage a C.

          I think I'll just have to tell prospective tenants that the EPC is a load of coblers, and to take the three year cost to be one year.
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