Energy assessor wants access to loft and basement

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    Originally posted by View Post
    fighting a losing battle
    RDSAP - is reduced data and does make assumptions.

    A) If flat 1 is above another flat that appears to be occupied then it is assumed its heated. Whether that occupier has heating on 24 hrs or not at all.
    B) An unheated space for example would be above an archway, garage etc.

    Please tell me you see these 2 are different
    Of course they are.

    The original question by Poppy has been answered, by many, with a few spurious comments thown in.

    Assessor said he was "Mistaken". Why was he mistaken ?, - because he didn't use common sense.

    Not for you, but for those who can't see it.
    A MORE efficient flat is one inbetween 2 other flats ( Verticaly )
    A less efficient one is one below an uninsulated roof, or sometimes even an insulated roof, cos it's bloody cold up there in the winter.
    An even more, less efficient one could be a flat, on top of a garage.

    Common sense, that's all it needs.
    Is there a possibility of heat above you or below you ? it's yes or no.
    A flat below or above you, one can assume does not have icicles hanging from the windows when tenants are in it, so one assumes there is heat there.

    BUT, i am in the same possition, I am in the middle of 2 flats, but is less efficient than the flat above me that is in the roof space, cos i have leaking windows, and the very, very fine snow blows in, ( assessor would not spot this, if it's not snowing. or there is no wind ) and the ceilings are 3 inches short of 11 foot, so the heat fills up the first top 5 foot, leaving the lower cold... but roof space flat has only about 8 foot for the heat to go up, and insulated roof and perfect windows.

    Common sense ........ that's all EPC's are....... common sense.

    But we don't often need them, because we all know that most landlords will not fit double glazing, especially to a block of Victorian houses with 8 foot high BAY windows front and back and 2 side wall windows every flat x 5 flats x £ 10,000 each flat, and solar panels some idiots put in the EPC's ( Sun, here ? England.... tell me another ! )

    Got off my soap box now.

    EPC's -- We KNOW how warm or cold our houses are.

    We can all make somthing more efficient, but it costs money.


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