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    The whole EPC algorithm is due to change by the end of the year (already in play in commercial property). Electric heating is supposed to be getting a boost as it will now be recognised as a much cleaner fuel than it used to be.

    Given that current EPCs are based on cost of fuel & new ones should be related to carbon output it could completely change all the scores.

    Probably nor really worth doing anything until a) new algorithm is in use & b) legislation has actually been published.


      We have had a word with the assessor and it seems the easiest thing is to upgrade the loft insulation and ensure the low energy bulbs are in the fixed sockets (they were on check-in.....).
      This should get us the C rating and 10 years peace of mind. It will also go down well with the tenants as well. I would hate it to be downgraded because of the gas boiler (condensing and only a few years old).
      We have had the house as a rental property for nearly 20 years and tend to have stable tenants who stay for years. Given the rental situation in North Devon I guess they might stay even longer now.


        The assessor I use charges £50 for an EPC. You could do the Loft Insulation and Low Energy Lighting and get another EPC. When I bought the house the EPC was an "F" and with taking out storage heaters and other stuff I managed to get it to a "D"


          I had a quote to replace a conservatory with a more thermally efficient one, quite a large one at the back of a Grade II* listed building. A lot more than 10K


            Originally posted by dp17 View Post
            Lights and loft insulation. Although its only a guide if you look at the EPC it gives "estimated " cost for each improvement and simple terms of pounds for points, loft insulation and lights are seem to be the cheapest. With the algorithm changing , I believe to favour electric over fossil fuel and more insulation, ,these two I wouldn't think wouldn't do any harm , for sure. The biggest points gain does seem to be had with the solar photovoltaic panels, 11 points on mine supposedly , if I had them installed. You can also help give yourself some ideas of improvement values by looking up the certificates of similar properties in your street. Sadly that doesn't detail the points given per existing improvement ( a missed opportunity ), but may give you some ideas.
            I can see the suggested improvements and the associated gains so not sure why you can't?

            What is frightening is that some of the suggestions to get me from a D to a C have over 100 years payback based on estimated installation cost and the predicted annual saving - utter madness!!!


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