Can I make any heater smart?

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    Can I make any heater smart?


    I have a regular central heating radiator with a manual screw-like adjuster.

    Can I make it switch on and off using a remote thermostat?


    Do you only have 1 radiator ?


      Fitting a thermostatic valve to replace the current manual valve would be the simplest way.

      However you should usually have at least one radatior with a manual valve that is always open.
      Often that one will be in the bathroom or hallway.

      That prevents all the radiators being shut off at once, which could happen if you have all thermostatic valves, and could damage the pump or even the boiler.
      At the very least it would overpressure the system, triggering the Pressure Relief valve on the boiler and dumping hot water down your outside wall. So then you'd need to refill/repressurise the system once it had cooled down again.

      Sometimes though the same thing is accomplished by having an 'always open' piping loop rather than an always open radiator, and some modern boilers have a 'Flow Sensor' to switch off the pump if all the valves are closed at once.

      Standard practice is to leave one radiator without a thermostatic radiator valve installed, and to leave that appliance permanently switched on.
      If your boiler is fitted with a flow meter – that detects when all of your radiator valves are closed, you can install a TRV on every radiator if you want to.
      You can leave any radiator without a TRV, but it makes more sense for you to select the radiator in the room with your wall thermostat.



        I suppose it makes sense for someone perhaps bed-bound or unable to bend down.

        But count me out. About as "smart" as a "smart" motorway
        I am legally unqualified: If you need to rely on advice check it with a suitable authority - eg a solicitor specialising in landlord/tenant law...


          If it's standard system - radiator(s) fed by a gas fired boiler - then a room thermostat can be installed on the wall, connected back to the boiler and this turns the whole heating on or off. You then either set the radiator valve stat to its highest setting or change it for a standard valve.


            You have 2 options, a wireless room thermostat (Hive/Nest other brands available), or you can get individual radiator wireless thermostats valves they are pricey (£40 from Screwfix). If your not a plumber I would recommend getting someone to do it. Not sure what happens if you don't have a wi-fi connection.....


              I prefer a hard wired stat so i donot get acall when the battery goes flat.


                Do what you like to the heater - its smarter tenants I need!


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