Induction hob or gas for student flat

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    Originally posted by Codger View Post
    I agree that gas hobs are easier. They lok more dangerous but i read they are safer than electric as you can see and hear if its on. If elecrric i like induction on a13_amp plug so its easy to change.
    I am not sure that burning fossil fuel and producing carbon monoxide in an enclosed space is safer for tenants or planet.
    No doubt gas will be totally banned before it's too late.
    For smaller flats we now just install 2 ring glass hobs on 13a sockets. Simples.


      Originally posted by Lots on View Post
      Thanks everyone. The estate agents have got back to me to advise against induction for a student flat which confirms my gut feeling. I’m not too keen on electric having tried it in holiday lets etc, so I think I’ll stick to gas for simplicity. the correct answer (for students)!


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