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    EPC Boiler Query

    Hello, I hope you can help.

    I recently got a EPC done and the person said we cannot have an internal boiler outside. A renovation has just been completed and we could not go over a Manhole cover so had to to an alleyway to the side of the extension, it's covered and has a door at the end, it's brick on both sides and sealed. Is this true or do we need an exterior if one exists.



    Just to get this right you've got put a Boiler outside with a door, so if the T's want to increase to adjust the heating or hot water they need to go outside to do this? Sounds like you needed better builders, as during winter you may experience problems.

    I think the assessor may be thinking on the lines the boiler is not integrated into the property therefore would be excluded from being included in the calculations for EPC. I'm assuming this is a very small extension, I hope you comply with the min room size for it to be rented.


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