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    EPCs in a street near me

    I've just been looking at the EPCs of typically 2 bed terraced houses in a street near me.

    I was shocked at the results!

    There is at least one house that is let but has no epc.

    Out of the 20 listed:

    12 are E or F
    7 are D
    1 is C

    Out of these 20, six had expired epcs.

    It's likely that the properties are rented and unlikely that they've all been sold to homeowners.

    Is this typical?

    Edit: I've looked at a few more streets and out of 91 houses only 11 are a C and none above a C, 53 are a D, 27 are E/F. And 22 out of all of them are expired.

    I can see a disaster looming.

    As far as my research tells me, an expired EPC isn't an issue for a rented property, as long as it expired during a tenancy that is still running. I posted the following in a previous thread about a week ago

    Originally posted by Beswick View Post
    I've been looking into this. I received a letter from TMW about having an EPC, and I have an expired (a couple of years after current tenants moved in) EPC.

    It's here, under How long does an EPC last for ?

    Also here, under When do I need to new (sic) my EPC for my rental property ?

    Also here, at the bottom of page 8

    Hope this helps
    The variation in scores and grades seems to be common, probably down to the individual assessors doing things differently. But I'd imagine an end terrace is rated differently too.

    If you look at the recommendations, most seem to suggest replacing the boiler with a condensing boiler. Are that many boilers currently non-condensing, or are the assessors just guessing because, until now, nobody has really cared what the EPC rating is as long as the house, number of bedrooms, facilities, local area, are okay ?

    In my opinion, most people only get an EPC because it's a legal requirement to have the certificate to rent or sell.


      Originally posted by Berlingogirl View Post
      I can see a disaster looming.
      Me too.

      I've given up reading any of the series of people saying when X comes in, I'm selling up and moving on, because X always turns out to be less impactful than expected and everyone just gets on with it.
      This one finishes me off.
      My own home is a D and will never make it to C without virtually rebuilding it.
      Half of my rental properties are D and will be next to impossible to upgrade in any realistic way - and would need the tenants out while the work is done.
      When I post, I am expressing an opinion - feel free to disagree, I have been wrong before.
      Please don't act on my suggestions without checking with a grown-up (ideally some kind of expert).


        If the Govt is serious about all homes (not just the PRS) meeting EPC 'C' and above they will have to flatten huge swathes of Victorian Terraces. I can't imagine that being much of a vote winner! The thing that concerns me most is that we are being told to bring our properties up to a standard that seems to vary depending on assessor. I too have compared EPCs on a street and occasionally a Victorian terrace hits a C and for the life of me I can't see why when mine can't achieve more that a D after significant upgrades.

        Imagine buying a property with a C and in 7 years redoing the EPC and its a D - where would that leave you as a LL? The whole thing is ridiculous.


          Most of the expired epcs are E or F ratings. It's probably going to be quite costly to get these up to a C at the change of tenant.

          I agree - I don't think people care about the EPC as long as the house seems ok.


            I really don't think the gov have even done as much research into this issue as I have.

            It's clearly unrealistic to expect landlords to upgrade Victorian terraces to a C, especially as a D gives an acceptable property, IMO anyway.

            I expect the gov wants LLs to get the extra £ by remortgaging. There's no way I can afford to get my properties up to a C even with remortgaging. I don't think the mtg people would let me have more money as I just don't earn enough. I've simply not got enough money. I've always tried to keep rents down but not any more!


              Presumably everyone responded to the consulation?

              The proposals are for a significant increase in the required spending, but mention possible affordability exemptions, a loan scheme, and even the 'green homes grant' scheme. I hope that they learned something useful from that!


                Yes, I did.

                I looked at a few of my properties and since the last EPC (not done since I've owned the properties) I've done work on them which should I need a new EPC would bring them to a C according to the certificates.

                One ridiculous 'improvement' is to add solar water heating at a cost of £4,000 - £6,000 with an annual savings of......... wait for it..... £25!
                And this gives an added EPC value of...... wait for it.......just ONE point!


                  What annoys me about this is how utterly futile it all is.

                  If the UK were carbon neutral tomorrow, it would solve just 1% of the global situation. Without The USA, Russia, China & India on board with this, it's just pointless.

                  We have a target of carbon neutral by 2050, while China has a target to stop increasing the number of coal fired power stations by 2050.

                  None of this considers the implications on the lives of most people either. All electric cars, but no consideration of how to charge them in areas where people can't even be guaranteed a parking space outside their own property. Imagine the 'no win no fee' claims for tripping over cables, and teenagers having a laugh by unplugging a load of cars at 1am.

                  Then there are the alternatives to gas boilers, air source pumps at £15,000 a pop (plus maintenance/repairs), electric combi boilers that cost way more to run.

                  Angry ran over.


                    Originally posted by jpkeates View Post

                    This one finishes me off.
                    If they don't amend the 'minimum C' to a 'minimum D', this will have massive implications for the PRS. D is the most common EPC rating for a house in the UK.

                    I've been looking at solar panels, but the quotes are ridiculous and make the worst business decision ever. No grants available, export tariffs of around £80 per year (taxable), and you can only offset the cost against tax (CGT) when you sell the property.

                    The only thing on our side in this is the ever-increasing UK population (an extra 3 million people by 2028 at current rates), and the resulting effect on supply & demand. At least this should cancel out the discounts we'll need to be giving if we all sell up in 2028.


                      Originally posted by Beswick View Post

                      Angry ran over.
                      That should have read, 'Angry rant over'.


                        Perhaps comments from the government (can't remember who) a few months ago are significant. Those who had lost their jobs because of covid could get new ones in the green economy insulating homes. So not only are we bailing them out by providing free accomodation for tenants who can't or won't pay, we will also pay for the wages of those who would otherwise be unemployed.
                        I can see a roaring trade in black market invoices and EPCs coming. I'll be at the front of the queue, most of mine are stone so never get a C. And as pointed out above it's all pointless while China is still increasing emissions.


                          I think you are absolutely right. WRITE TO YOUR MP
                          the requirements on commercial landlords are even more absurd. Tenants holding space as a supermarket, say, are not interested in removing everything so that the landlord can insulate the floor! Their chillers use far more energy than anything of the landlords; and typically even the lights will have been fitted by the tenant. So how is the landlord supposed to improve the EPC??


                            I Do agree with so much here. while the government plays short term musical chairs with the rules and regulations for a longer term goal. As Berlingogirl said to spend a sizable sum of money to achieve a one point increase in EPC is pure madness, even more so when you factor in the cost probably being passed onto the Tenant. If the government has decreed an increase the the minimum permitted Energy performance in the PRS then the cost of achieving that should be tax deductible against operating cost, as the government has in effect mandated that expenditure in the first place. An yes as far as EPC, in many cases although a good guide they are not worth the paper they are written on, my original one stated a maximum achievable rating of D58 but the new one its a B83!. Oh well i better go and get some quotes then for those Solar panels that they say will help a lot .............that will be on the North facing roof then .......Hmmmmmmm.


                              On a street where I have a rental many of the terraced houses are E or F. A couple are D and one is a C.
                              I am going to have a new EPC done and was thinking of using the surveyor who did a C. (on a Victorian solid wall terrace)
                              Is it a bit like MOT's where some garages would lift the bonnet of a Ford Escort and fail it on rusty Inner Wing Suspension Plates but another garage would not lift the bonnet.


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