What constitutes "low energy lighting" on an EPC?

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    EPCs are a complete pain in the a*** and the software is, in my view inherently faulty but it has pushed energy efficiency of the built environment to the foreground.

    I am bound to say I find it very irritating to have to pay for a report recommending the fitting of a wind turbine to a Grade II* Listed property.

    The Government itself has found to some embarrassent that it has some offices in its vast estate of commercial holdings where both central heating and air-conditioning were running simultaneously. Now I happen to know that no Government department is allowed to sign a lease where the EPC score is less than a C.


      Apologies for the two stupid autcorrects on my last post, blame it on my phone. Too late to edit them now.


        Originally posted by nukecad View Post
        Six months ago I bought 12x 6 Watt LED bulbs on Amazon for £24.50 free delivery.
        (Won't mention the brand but a good supplier).

        Changed every bulb in the house.

        They are as bright as old 150 Watt bulbs.

        They are in a plastic globe so look the same, but I do wonder if anassesor would see the difference or just assume that they are old 150 Watt jobs?
        I changed all the bulbs in a house and stuck the lid of the box with what the bulb was and wattage to the light switch in every room so that when the EPC Surveyor went round he was informed what the bulbs were.


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