Green Grant ASHP and existing gas boiler?

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    Green Grant ASHP and existing gas boiler?

    I'm also looking at the Green Grants.

    The target house is a large bungalow with relatively good insulation levels, new double glazing and under-floor heating all new some 6 years ago so good bet for ASHP.

    I looked at the 'Hybrid' system which would retain/work with the gas boiler only to find I had to rip out a perfectly good running 6 year old highly efficient boiler and pay for its replacement in addition to the ASHP! The hybrid system is very expensive due to this added new boiler.

    I then looked at a simple ASHP only system instead which seems a good way forward particularly with RHI payments for the next 7 years. I then find that the £5k green grant is knocked off the RHI payments! So £2700 over 7 years instead of £7700.

    If I go ASHP only does the old boiler have to be disconnected/removed or can it remain?

    (If it has to go then I will retain/store it for spares for my other rental house which has the same, albeit slightly older model, boiler.)

    Maybe a daft question but have you found an installer that is prepared to quote and fit by the deadine ? I gave up as most only want to service the people that can get the full 10k as it's a no brainer if it costs them nothing..

    All the best


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