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    Very dark flat

    I have a ground floor flat in a large block here in Reading which recently came vacant. The living room/kitchen patio doors face south, and the two bedroom windows face north. These are the only windows. However, these don't get a lot of light due to fairly large balconies front & back in the flat above. I noticed how dull it is there this week, and I needed the light on in the hall.

    I normally paint all my flats magnolia walls & white ceilings, but am thinking of doing it all white, to try & make it brighter.

    Any thoughts?

    White is good, but you might find a very pale grey is better, less stark, like wevet or wimborne white and more popular. Isn't there a particular light reflecting paint you can get too by Dulux or one of the other brands? Haven't tried it.


      When we had a large letting room above our old pub with only one window, which was overlooked and you couldn't even see the sky so never got any direct sunlight, we painted the walls a bright yellow.

      Despite it never getting any direct sunlight some regular guests used to specifically ask for it as the 'sunshine room' when rebooking.

      Of course yellow walls are not to everyones taste, but it did make a massive difference to peoples perception of what used to be a gloomy room.


        i agree with jon66. Brilliant white can be very clinical. Little Greene's Flint is lovely (get it matched in Dulux or Leyland). Some well positioned mirrors can help increase the sense of light and space,' too. Actually, there is a Dulux paint range called 'Light and Space' which they claim increases light reflection by 25% (bit sceptical, not sure how they measure it). I've used it in Jasmine White and it's very nice and soft,
        but light.

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          I have used Dulux Light and Space in my hallway at home in the Illusion colour - it does work to a certain extent. I also used a Dulux Colour called Morning Sun in a north facing lounge/diner a while ago - a subdued yellow - worth a look. Recently had some work done to our lounge and builder used Jewson trade white which is very acceptable and not clinical white. In the evening it has a sort of off white appearance you may pay a fortune for with fancy shade names.

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            This is interesting, and explains why I bought the flat in November...

            The tree outside has now lost its leaves, and the sun is at a lower angle, so illuminates the living room. (Also repainted with white light & space.)

            I just need to show the flat to tenants on sunny winter afternoons.


              You could possible introduce some light by installing a window above the doors, (I've seen these in ex-council homes) only issue is when someone is sleeping and someone turns a light in the hallway. Alternative LED strips. I tend to turn on all lights when viewings are happening


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