Vinyl wrap for UPVC window frames

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    Vinyl wrap for UPVC window frames

    Evening folks,

    Not sure if I'm stretching the limits of allowable topics in this sub forum but......

    Windows and frames are ok. Good seals, good condition, good mechanisms etc. BUT they're wood effect frames!

    So to replace 5 windows and 1 door = lots ££££.

    How about a white vinyl wrap. I've seen a lot of shades of grey recently and they look great. Not new windows but vinyl wrapped. So guess white to cover brown is doable too.

    My question is does anyone have experience in this, and what did it cost you?



    On a rental ? What would be the point in that ?


      You can paint them white and other colours with upvc paint. Why bother?

      Freedom at the point of zero............


        Evening Investors,

        I asked a while ago about vinyl wrapping window frames and one canny investor on here suggested I have them sprayed as it's cheaper!

        Does anyone have any experience in having UPVC frames sprayed, and at what cost?

        I see quite a few people spraying their windows grey at the moment. I quite like them. Might go knocking to see what they paid!

        Thanks for any help in budgeting you can provide.




          Never heard of spraying but they can be painted with a brush. Labour intensive so allow £120/£170 a day for a tradesman not in London + cost of paint £20 per litre.

          I still would not bother. I big brand mini supermarket I frequent had their door painted from red to white. Professional job done by shop fitters but points of wear became visible in red within 8 weeks.

          Freedom at the point of zero............


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