EPC Validity and Time Periods

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    EPC Validity and Time Periods

    Hello, first time poster (be nice). Hope this topic hasn't been covered too many times before. My question is about the legalities and timeframes of EPC's. The manager of my housing association (who completed tenancy documents with me six months ago when I moved in) failed to provide me with an EPC at the beginning of my tenancy. The company finally provided one four months later, after I had persistently requested one and then it was due to expire within two weeks so its no longer technically valid as I understand it.

    1) Is there any legal remedy for not providing an EPC at the outset of the tenancy, apart from a complaint?
    2) Are they obligated to provide an up-to-date EPC given that new (but inadequate) heating was just recently installed at the beginning of October?
    3) Is there an external company to regulate this, for example does the EPC register deal with complaints?

    I know this sounds fussy, but I care about energy efficiency (and being warm) and its another thing in a long list of issues I've experienced with the company.


    Just Peachy

    1a) Trading Standards can issue a penalty charge notice.
    1b) The EPC must be provided before a valid no fault eviction can be started.

    2) No

    3) Trading Standards.


      Thank you for the advice. I contacted my local council's trading standards office and spoke to a really nice guy from "weight and measures" but unfortunately because it's over six months now since the first "breach" when my housing association should have provided me with a energy performance certificate (when I initially viewed the property) and just over six months since I signed my tenancy agreement (when they definitely should have provided me with a energy performance certificate) a penalty cannot be applied, because there is a six-month time limit.

      Next time, I will know to report such things straight away!


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