Ground Water Flooding in Survey

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    Ground Water Flooding in Survey

    Hi all,

    not sure if right forum to ask on for advise but will see if anyone has prior experience.

    I am on last leg of about to exchange contracts and the Survey has come back with a Moderate to High risk of "Ground Water Flooding. This seems to be the case for the whole estate looking on the searches website (Assumption is a water table rise after long heavy rain). The modelling gives a 1% Obviously this has be concerned as to if i should or should not go ahead.

    A second report in the legal pack from a company called "Groundsure" states the same risk but places the over all flood risk as Low to Moderate with all considerations and states no past flooding identified and rates it Green for insurance purposes. I confirmed with Neighbours also there for last 12 years that no flooding had occurred.

    The government web site shows a map a low risk of Groundwater flooding near me in the road out the front but not reaching the house or garden. Other areas nearby do show high risk but mainly contained to the roads

    The buy to let insurance is also approx £350 which i assume also means they are not too concerned at this time with flooding.

    However its still has me with doubt in my mind now but the property and pricing is good as well as location and over-all the flood risk seems low and rated green over all.

    Any advise from anyone else with similar dilemma? Any thoughts of if I would be silly to continue with transaction knowing this?

    Many thanks


    Originally posted by Nev M View Post
    The buy to let insurance is also approx £350 which i assume also means they are not too concerned at this time with flooding.
    Or that they haven't been told, and that claims with be declined when made


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