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    EPC runs out soon

    The EPC on one of my BTL's runs out on 29/07/2019. The tenant has been there for 4 years and is staying as far as I know. My question is, do I have to have another EPC done this year or only if i get a new tenant in the future or when I sell the property?

    I believe the only requirement is to have given one to your tenant at the start of the tenancy.

    If yours might be F or below, you might be well advised not to get one, as that will put you in breach next April.


      Thanks JKO, I did give the tenant a copy of the EPC when she moved in so hopefully that is it until she moves on or i decide to sell. I think it is still in the C range although the house will be 20 years old this year.


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      • New EPC is nonsense
        I don't know whether to be happy or sad about the recent EPC I've received. I bet mine's the only flat in England with storage heaters scoring a B!

        My tenant who was there for nine years used about 4000 day units and 4000 night units per year. In the year I have been pottering around repairing...
        25-06-2019, 11:47 AM
      • Reply to New EPC is nonsense
        Thanks Sam. That is interesting. Even two neighbours on my landing with gas heating only manage a C.

        I think I'll just have to tell prospective tenants that the EPC is a load of coblers, and to take the three year cost to be one year.
        25-06-2019, 19:32 PM
      • Reply to New EPC is nonsense
        Get a second opinion?
        Seems crazy, it should be as simple as them putting some numbers into their program and it gives the result...

        You can use postcode search on the EPC site to view neighbouring properties, have a look at what neighbours have had.
        25-06-2019, 12:19 PM
      • Problems with Re-roof
        I own a Victorian terrace BTL which had a knackered slate roof. I accepted an estimate from a contractor recommended by the managing agent for a re-roof. The estimate drew attention to a number of changes eg a dry, maintenance free joint on the ridge tiles, use of substitute lead flashing. The work...
        18-06-2019, 04:36 AM
      • Reply to Problems with Re-roof
        Beware the effect these "modern" tiles may have on the roof timbers.

        We had a similar job passed off on the roof of a let property some years ago: welsh slates replaced with concrete tiles, invisible from ground level because of an intervening parapet concealing the "london...
        23-06-2019, 21:37 PM
      • Reply to Problems with Re-roof
        TBF this agent is pretty good, but agree tradesmen do seem to think rental properties merit a lesser job, although they often tell me 'most landlords don't want to spend too much'. In this case the problem is that I never for a moment considered any reputable contractor would do anything other than...
        20-06-2019, 14:06 PM
      • Reply to Problems with Re-roof
        I have found that tradespeople, and to a degree Agents, view any work to be done on a tenanted property as a job to be done as cheaply as possible. It's probably because most landlords just want to fix the house and get it let as quickly and cheaply as possible. I imagine there is quite a difference...
        20-06-2019, 09:12 AM
      • Reply to Problems with Re-roof
        The quote said 'strip defective roof tiles..new tiles to be laid style and colour to be agreed', which is why I didn't question it, and I didn't agree to anything - but the work was being done at distance through an agent. It mentioned a number of differences eg in the ridge tiles, use of plastic verges...
        20-06-2019, 04:40 AM
      • Reply to Problems with Re-roof
        What did the specification say? What, other than the price, did the quote say?

        If you want something specific, especially if it is a more expensive option, you need to provide a detailed specification. That may involve paying a surveyor to produce it.
        18-06-2019, 10:07 AM
      • EPC: C by 2030...prepare
        Anyone with a property unlikely to make a C by 2030, might want to get one before the end of 2019. Assuming you can scrape a 'D' now, you then can let your property freely for the next ten years.

        'But what happens in 2030, JK0?' you ask.

        Well then, your 2019 EPC will have expired,...
        12-06-2019, 20:51 PM