Improving EPC. Floor Insulation

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    Improving EPC. Floor Insulation

    I am trying to improve the EPC of an old house,
    It has a cellar. I am thinking of applying Kingspan/Celotex between the joists beneath the ground floor.
    I have a choice of using either 25 mil Celotex or 50 mil Celotex, The 25 mil stuff is slightly cheaper than the 50 mil stuff.
    Will the difference in thicknesses make any difference to the EPC,
    All reptiles gratefully received.

    Only if the EPC assessor can be *rsed to take it into account.


      Check your current epc, always give you things that they look for and give you best results for your money


        In those circs I would use 100mm rockwool or glasswool or earthwool and a staple gun, which is about the same as 50mm celotex.

        If I had 100mm insulation in the loft I would use that, which would make the loft empty enough to qualify for a free upgrade to 250mm in many places.

        IMO 25mm is a silly idea as the cost saving is minimal and the benefit of 50mm is great. If you are going to do it, *do* it.

        If you are buying it take a look at places like Seconds and Co.

        If the house is a wreck I see no point in upgrading to less than a C due to the escalator we are on.

        Refer Mad Regulators to Arkell vs Pressdram.


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