Draughty Home For 4 Years

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  • theartfullodger
    Follow the landlord's reporting repair process and if that fails complaints process & if still unhappy Shelter's advice on their website.

    Do you have landlord's written permission to do what you've done?

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  • bassyogi
    started a topic Draughty Home For 4 Years

    Draughty Home For 4 Years

    Hiya this is my first post on this forum, it looks like a great resource, I'm looking forward to reading more.

    I moved into my flat 4 years ago, 4 years which have been peppered with mental and more recently physiological illness (which goes a long way to explaining the mental component). I am a social housing tenant and was moved here from my parents house after they suffered a major accident and I was not eligible to remain there as an individual. So I was offered this one bedroomed flat. When I viewed the flat, despite not being of sound mind due to traumas and so on, I was told that I would have to sign for it there and then or I would lose the opportunity, something that has always remained with me.

    The flat suffers from draughts, quite extreme ones at times. There are huge holes right through to external brickwork (vents between apprx 5 to 2x 7 inches in 2 of the rooms) in each room, some of them motorised vents which do nothing to keep the wind out. I had a repair guy out to fit a non reversible vent which did nothing to solve the problem, the wind round here needs Aa bit more than this to keep it out. There are draughts eminating from cupboards too and there is a foot or more of space underfloor which is itself very draughty. I called out the repairs team a few years back to deal with what appeared to be a damp mouldy wall. It was assessed by a manager and he termed it as 'a wet wall' and booked in to have it replastered properly as apparently they had used the wrong finish. Just prior to me moving in they had built a large set of steps out the back which I believe was an effort to keep moisture out. The wall is better now than when I arrived, but I suspect that the draughts are part of trying to keep this wetness out. I say so because a friend I've made since moving in lived here many years ago and had the same experience.

    Now I've had some rollercoaster health issues these last few years and not really been able to deal with my affairs effectively. Now I know what's wrong I am beginning to be able to take things into charge again. One thing I need to deal with is a huge energy bill as I have often had heating up full just to keep the place warm. In hindsight I see that this was unecessary given the total lack of proper insulation. I have a mind to have the energy certification reviewed independently and take matters from there. I feel I am stuck here with debt over the odds of what is fair, when really I need to be somewhere else conducive to a place of healing. I see that I could have done more to get in touch about the problems, but time has passed, and I wonder if this place is way beyond what is actually legal for someone in my position.

    I have sealed a few holes up myself and it makes a huge difference however, there are others that I feel perhaps should not be touched, or are too big a job for me right now.

    Any help or advice on what to do or who to talk would be immensely appreciated. Thank you for reading

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