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    Gas engineer/ insurance issue

    Had a boiler/ megaflow issue. Constantly needed to press the re-set button so could get heating and hot water.
    I have insurance cover - so decided to use that rather than call out my regular plumber who has worked on the system for 15+ years.
    The engineer did a recce, assessed a new triple port valve was needed. I'd done my own research and agreed.
    He returned another day, drained the system and fitted the new valve.
    The problem is that he left more problems.
    First, in the process of draining the system he let tons of water soak through the floorboards - creating a damp patch on the ceiling below - which needs to be damp-stopped and painted.
    Second, the water inlet flexi pipe he didn't tighten, so entry and exit were leaking - hence causing pressure in the system to drop. Normally I can turn the handles and top up the system - such as after a long summer with no heating on. For some reason I couldn't fill the system with water through the normal flexi pipe points??
    Another pipe was also suddenly leaking.
    Thirdly and worse - all the pipes were super hot, the system was clunking and ... the red reset button was still flashing.

    I called the engineer company and advised that he had not satisfactorily completed the job and the property still had no hw or ch.
    They sent the same engineer back the following day.

    The engineer tightened the parts that were leaking. Sorted.
    But - he then said that there was an air-lock in the system. He advised he couldn't bleed the rads to remove the air-lock as the boiler is above the rads and the air-lock is above the rads. He then suggested putting in an air-release valve to resolve this new problem. He said this would be a new job, with a new quote to put through insurance.

    Put in context - over the years the system has been drained many times for maintenance and there has never been this issue. Previously engineers have turned off the water supply to the property, drained the system, done the work, then re-filled and gone round every rad to bleed and ensure there is no air in the pipes. This engineer did not turn off the mains water and did not bleed all the rads over 3 floors.

    I have called the Insurance company and told them all the above. They advise they have to follow what the engineer says.
    imo - he simply has not completed his first job satisfactorily and has created potential worse problems - ie overheating damage - cos he failed to remove the air-lock.
    imo - this engineer/ company is cowboy shoddy abusing the insurance cover system - to create more chargeable but unnecessary work.

    I've turned the boiler off. But don't have hw or ch in an inhabited property.

    Any experts on the above plumbing issue and how to deal with an insurance complaint against the engineer??

    The normal use of flexible connectors is as filling loops. These are not supposed to be left connected. There is normally a double check valve on the closed system side and a tap on the mains side, to prevent leaks from the respective sides. The filling loop is supposed to be removed so that, if the double check valve fails, fails, contaminated water cannot flow back into the drinking supply.

    I would have thought the damaged ceiling came under the fitter's public liability insurance,although the fact that you are not directly employing them may confuse matters.

    I assume this is the sort of insurance that provides for maintenance of plumbing, e,electrics and gas, as normal property insurance would not insure you against the cost of repairs to these.


      home emergency cover - included in the building insurance.
      Covered as had no hw or ch.
      Actually still don't - as have had to turn the whole boiler off...
      don't want the system over-heating whilst there is an airlock blockage.
      Of course - the engineer has quoted to add parts that are not needed - this extra job takes me over my insurance limit.


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