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    New Kitchen / Bathroom - London Flat

    I have what could be a nice flat by the river in London. My (good) tenant says he may be moving out in the new year after 5 years. he has been offered a new kitchen in the past as it desperately needs updating (all the appliances are on their last legs). Bathrooms could do with updating and furniture is all looking old too. He does not want new anything as does not want the disruption, but when he moves out, the work will need to be done. Its a modern flat with a tiny kitchen and it currently has a dishwasher, which means next to no cupboard space.

    He reckons it would be better off without a dishwasher altogether. I want to maximise the value for rent so want to put a good quality kitchen in, anyone got any experience of Wren Kitchens? Other recommendations. I live 300 miles away do I need someone to just come in and do it. Do you think a flat like this would be better off with or without a dishwasher?

    When it comes to bathroom, again, any recommendations? I just need someone design and do it. However it all needs to be done at a reasonable cost while giving a good finish.



    Dishwasher is worth its weight in gold. Most professional tenants (assuming that's what you're aiming for) would expect one.

    I would redesign the kitchen, incorporate a slimline dishwasher and use any clever tricks to maximise space.

    Wren - great marketing company. Kitchen will cost a small fortune, however we can give you a super huge discount on it if you buy today...

    I'd suggest that your biggest cost here is to minimise the void period when the current tenant moves out. If you're 300 miles away, you need to get a reliable local kitchen and bathroom fitter who can design it and then install it. The fitter can then source the units (most use Howdens). All without delay, so you can let it out asap.

    If you try to do bits yourself, like design it or source the units or appliances, yes you may save a few hundred quid here or there but you'll extend the void period.

    Whereabouts near the river is it? I might be able to give recommendations depending on where it is.


      Most builders/ fitters will have trade accounts with Magnet, howdens, B&Q, to name just a few, most offer free planning service, so you just need to vet the right people, there's no point putting in an expensive kitchen/bathroom just to find that the finish of the trades person aren't good. You should either manage the work or get someone to manage on your behalf so it's done right, and don't leave it for the builders/fitters to make all the decisions on your behalf, you really would be asking for trouble, especially since you've never worked with them before.


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