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    What's a popular free online tool to use to do floorplans?
    I've hand written a plan and measured the widths
    I'd like to do them on the pc now to make them look neat
    Let me know, thanks

    MS Paint 😉


      Originally posted by RedHitman View Post
      MS Paint 😉
      Works for me.
      Or if you already have it, then the drawing facilities in MS Word or MS PowerPoint (you can then easily copy and paste things like windows and doors)


        I’ve always used Metropix. It’s cheap (depending on how much you’ll use it) but not free though.


          I use CorelDraw


            How many options would you like?


            I haven't tried any of them, I have AutoCAD myself but that's expensive nowadays.

            But they all look reasonable depending on just what you want to do.


              Must have been too many software links there, it should show up later.


                Floorplanner.com works for me. It's free. Have to use it in Chrome though, doesn't seem to like IE.


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                  I think I just made an expensive mistake. I ordered a nice 2nd hand Miele hob from this ebay store in Germany. Looking more closely at it, the lead has a plug with 11(!) connections in it, and I can't see any controls on the hob itself. I get the impression that hobs in German homes have a separate...
                  Follow kochfeldhandel on eBay. Buying, Selling, Collecting on eBay has never been more exciting!
                  14-12-2018, 12:57 PM
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                  Thanks Interlaken.

                  Oh, well I try to keep a spare hob, and fitted my spare one last week. Even 2nd hand Miele hobs in the UK are several hundred pounds, so this one at 86 Euros seemed a bargain.

                  I would not know how to wire this hob without a diagram. All the wires in the plug...
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                • Reply to German hobs
                  Was that an impulse buy JKO?

                  Just check - when you get power to it that the controls maybe on the right hand side - you swipe them as on a phone or tablet. You may have to rewire the hob to British standards or maybe there is a conversion kit somewhere?

                  I've recently put in...
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                • WD40 or Zinsser?
                  I'm just about to start redecorating the flat where I've been working on the bathrooms. I notice my tenant's daughters have done a lot of drawing on the walls. What's the best thing to do about this? Scrub each bit with WD40, or paint over the drawing with Zinsser?
                  04-12-2018, 21:20 PM
                • Reply to WD40 or Zinsser?
                  However, now having used it, be careful that it comes out the correct colour. Although it was 'colour matched' in reality it came up a couple of shades darker, not helped by a differently lit room, but was remedied by Brewers adding more white, which was better for the second coat! I suspect this is...
                  14-12-2018, 19:13 PM
                • Reply to WD40 or Zinsser?
                  Brewers, or Johnstones will mix perma white to your required colour providing its an off white like magnolia or ivory. Just had it colour matched to subtle ivory at Brewers.
                  13-12-2018, 00:48 AM
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                  Not sure there is any solution to this problem, but maybe someone will have a suggestion:

                  Most of my rental properties are on Economy 7 heating. There is a timeswitch in the airing cupboard controlling the immersion heaters. The lower one is meant to be used overnight, with the upper one...
                  03-02-2015, 21:05 PM
                • Reply to Tenants don't understand E7
                  I think your problem lies with the fact the majority of people who are clued up enough to understand the things would probably avoid renting a property that had them.... The result being you end up with people who will never understand more than the £££ on their electricity bill - they'll panic when...
                  12-12-2018, 22:14 PM
                • Reply to WD40 or Zinsser?
                  I wouldn't be keen on using wd40, Can see it easily soaking into plaster leaving you needing to use stain block before repainting

                  If you're redecorating hit it with sandpaper then paint?
                  12-12-2018, 20:34 PM
                • Reply to WD40 or Zinsser?
                  The solvent in WD40 will probably work on spirit marker pens, but graphite and clay don't dissolve. If the surface will take it, a vinyl eraser is probably best for ordinary pencil.
                  07-12-2018, 01:00 AM