Sealing shower tile grout.

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    Sealing shower tile grout.

    I have a slight leak in my shower tiling.
    This is an overbath shower and the water is getting behind the tiles and dripping out underneath the bath.
    It's not a great amount but obviously doing the floor no good.

    I checked the silicone seal around the bath itself and that's OK, but higher up there is at least one small 'crack' where the grout has pulled away from a tile.

    My first thought for a budget fix is to get some clear nail varnish and cover the 'crack', or even all the grouting (after cleaning it).
    Just a bit worried about discolouration of the varnish, but I suppose there is always nail varnish remover.

    Looking on line I also came across 'Hydrostop' varnish for showers, which may be better than nail varnish?

    Has anybody ever used this product?

    Any thoughts on the nail varnish idea?

    At the very least I would renew the grout.


      Used CT1 sealant on something similar, but it's not cheap.


        The grout is only about a year old and is in pretty good condition, apart from that 'pull away' crack, the landlord retiled the whole bathroom (himself).
        A scrub down, with bleach, is all most of it needs over the bath, the rest is as new.

        Before anyone asks about permissions, yes he is quite happy for me to sort out this sealing myself.
        (Although he might not be if I started raking out and regrouting the whole bathroom).
        I've done a few jobs with him previously and he knows my standard of work.

        I've been looking round at various grout sealing products, and apart from fancy roller applicators, or spray on products, or if you want to change the colour, I don't see much advantage for the price.

        TBH I'm getting the feeling that simple nail varnish may do a better job, as well as giving a smooth finish to help prevent body fats getting trapped and starting mould.
        And of course it comes with a small applicator brush.
        As I say my only concern would be discolouration over time, there again that's a concern with anything that you use.

        I'm still thinking about it, but tending towards the idea.
        (If it does discolour, then I could rake out and replace).


          If it is localised I would do a proper job - rake out some of the grout and re-grout. Not that hard really.....

          For a small job get



          and a sponge


            or just get a small pot of grout - add a little water to make quire runny and sponge (or finger) in to any cracks. Normally does the trick.


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