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    I installed a hard water tap above the basin today, and fixed aquapanel to my framing. I'm trying aquapanel adhesive to seal the gaps with for the first time. Seemed to go on okay.


      Originally posted by nukecad View Post
      I assume that there is sleeving inside and the corrugations are support.
      Not as far as I know.


        Corrugations are inside too. My husband says they are ok with a decent fall but can become mildly restricted over time, same with the flexy bath waste pipes.


          I've never come across a corrugated flex connector on a toilet outlet, if I ever do I'll be very careful when I take it off.

          They should be fine in use, but the corrugations at the bottom are going to get full of nasty after a short time.


            Anyone know how to remove this shower/bath mixer? I believe it was made by Grohe around 2001.


              They usually just unscrew from the pipes.

              If you can't see any obvious flats on the connection to fit a spanner on then you may have to use pipe grips, padded with a cloth.

              Here's the fitting instructions for a similar Grohe shower mixer:


                Thanks Nukecad.

                Okay, well this is interesting. After I watched that video, I went over today and slit the silicone round the trim piece on the left hand pipe. I was then able to turn it anti clockwise, and the smaller piece disappeared inside it. I will have to order a very thin spanner though.


                  Ah, so the (brass) nut is hidden under that small retractable tube.

                  Expensive design that would give a very neat appearance, but like you say it will need a thin spanner to tighten or undo the nut.
                  (They probably provided a spanner punched out of sheet steel in the box with the unit, which of course has been lost by now).

                  Most of the ones I have seen just chrome the nuts and leave it at that.
                  My own similar mixer just has chromed nuts, but that's set on chromed elbows coming up through the bath itself where the taps would normally be.


                    I thought today's photos might interest you guys. I have been stripping tiles and plasterboard from wet areas of the shower, while trying to keep the nice design of the border tiles. This will be replaced with Aquapanel and the tiles re-fixed. The Aquapanel has required a lot of 'noggins' around the edges. These are easy enough to screw into the concrete wall on the left, but on the completed wall there were steel studs. I came up with the idea of screwing the noggins to the plasterboard in the kitchen, as it has not been decorated yet.


                      This is the Aquapanel installed on the steel stud wall. BTW, if you are going to do that, you need to use the 25mm Aquapanel screws when going into steel studs.


                        Today's progress. Finally started sticking the tiles back onto the Aquapanel. BTW, in case you were wondering how I got them off the big bits of plasterboard, I put them in soak in water for two days.


                          I hit a snag today...

                          The tiles I am stripping off and trying to re-use were installed without any spacers. They just seem to rely on the slightly beveled edge of the tile to let you squeeze in a bit of grout.

                          The problem I have is that unless you are able to get the exact same tiles (or size of tiles) in a given gap, slight differences in size prevent you getting the last tile in.

                          It seem madness to have to start filing tiles to get them in. Any other thoughts?


                            I've been absent for while - nice interesting photo story for coffee time JKO - thanks.

                            I have come across this tile fitting thing before and used 'mosaic tiles' in a suitable colour to fill the gaps which for me were all along the bottom. My tiler gave me this tip and 5 years on and many tenants late it still looks good. Bit faffy and wearing on the nail varnish getting it all up together though.

                            If you file the tiles the surfaces may chip - needs to be considered.

                            Freedom at the point of zero............


                              Thanks Interlaken.

                              I'm doing something similar to what you suggest. I have tiled up & down to a 16" band without tiles. I am going to fit three rows of 6" tiles there, with the top & bottom row cut to fit.


                                16", thats 406mm.

                                Might be a bit late, but:

                                I think I'd be tempted to get a 400mm bathroom wall panel, cut to the length needed and fit as one piece.


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