Inconsistent EPC assessment – adjustment possible?

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    Inconsistent EPC assessment – adjustment possible?

    Hi - I have a flat in a development that has several blocks of flats, looking at the EPC's for other properties I can see some assessors have given a 3 star rating for the electric floor insulation, others a 1 star, one assessor "assumed" cavity insulation and gave 4 stars, another "assumed" no cavity insulation and gave 1 star. All the flats were built at the same time, so either they all have cavity or don't and all have the same underfloor heating.

    Should I/can I dispute the original assessor (employed by the vendor) or as I have added more loft insulation should I just contact one of the assessors who have given a better rating, and hopefully deem the flat to be E?

    Yeah --- it's all a bit of a joke isn't it. They might as well shortcut the process:

    - Middlemen give the money-in-brown-envelopes to the politicians
    - Middlemen throw a pair of dice and log the numbers on a bit of paper
    - Middlemen give paper to landlord
    - Landlord pays middleman
    - Landlord Increases tenant's rent

    Simpler is better


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