Mouldy bathroom

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    Mouldy bathroom

    Looking for suggestions to reduce the condensation in a very small bathroom where the tenants do open the window. You can pay a lot for super-duper fans, is it worth it.......?

    Super duper fans on a timer or I think you can get ones that detect humidity and work off that.
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      The fan is cheap, the hole through the wall can be pricey depending on access, wiring to the lighting circuit (loft access good or bad?) Can be pricey. I paid £30 fan £40 for the hole and £120 for the sparky who moaned constantly.


        a decent fan will probably cost you a lot more then £30 !! especially if its controlled by humidity. opening windows is fine, but it doesn't always actually get rid of the moisture in the air, the purpose of the fan is to remove the moisture laden air so it needs to be designed and sized and sited correctly to do so. of course you could always guess like some of us do, but don't go for cheap!!


          Never had any issues with manrose fans, £20 plus for a timer model, £40 humidity stat.
          Got one 17 yrs old still going .
          Forgot to add to my previous post £5 for duct tube £3 for external Louvre vent.
          Once the fan is fitted it's a simple job to replace a faulty one , duct sizes are standardized, DIY job if you are competent but a quick job for a sparky otherwise.
          I set the timers to max.
          Airflow and positioning can't be determined off the ops post.


            The tenant tells me they have been leaving the existing fan on all day and it’s making no difference. Would an expensive fan from companies such as Envirovent help? Also there is no loft insulation above the bathroom, could this be the solution?


              Loft insulation will help for sure.
              no fan will remove existing mould if that's what your thinking.
              If the bathroom is cold and steams up when running a bath or having a shower you have a problem that needs sorting unless you like decorating regularly.
              How big is the bathroom? Outside walls?


                There is a fan already??

                Simple things first.

                On the tenants side. When did they last clean the bathroom? Mould won't disappear with ventilation. It needs to be killed and removed. It is kept away by regular cleaning. Is this a 'house share' or a family living in it?

                On your side. What size (diameter) is the existing fan? Is it ducted to the outside - that is, is there a flue that it is connected to or is there just an unlined hole through the wall with no external cowl / grille? How big is the bathroom? Any outside walls? Loft above? Does it have a radiator/towel rail? How old is the building? When was the bathroom fitted?

                If the problem is bad, then I would suggest getting a local Building Surveyor to come round and advise with both you and the Tenant present. There may be a nominal charge for this. At least then you would have a Professional and impartial advice as to the potential cause(s) and remidies.

                It is very possible that it is entirely the Tenants fault. It could be a latent defect. It could be a maintenance issue. It could be a combination of all three.

                There is always scope for misinterpretation.

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