Recommendations for compact landlord stepladder?

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  • Recommendations for compact landlord stepladder?

    That's a compact stepladder for a landlord, not a stepladder for a compact landlord, by the way

    I'm just about to conduct my first tenancy turnround since flogging my big estate car, and have realised that my old stepladder are not going to fit in my hatchback. I really can't be bothered with sticking the roof bars on the car every time I want to carry them around, so I want a new set that easily fit in a medium-size car yet allow me to work at ceiling height (decorating, changing downlighters etc). Robust but still lightweight would be good. Before I hit the interweb, has anybody got a decent set that they like and can recommend?

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    The main constraint on weight will be that you will need an EN131 Class II ladder, not a domestic ladder, as your intended use is clearly commercial, not light domestic.

    This may also be essential if you are non-compact landlord, as domestic ladders are only rated for 95kg including materials.

    Many decorating tasks require two hands, and, although it may be possible to use two hands safely, you need to take special steps to stabilise yourself. Also, decorating is likely to require significant amounts of time up a ladder, and ladders are only acceptable for short spells working at heights. For anything longer you need a platform, and may need fall protection.


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      For personal use, I recently found a platform invaluable for painting ceilings etc. If you look on Screwfix, search for Work Platform Aluminium. It folds flat, is very lightweight but sturdy, takes a lot of weight (if you're a non-compact landlord) and is highly reviewed!

      Obviously, I am no health and safety expert, so please don't take what I've written as anything other than what I found worked very well for me.


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        I use a work platform too, but mine is only about 2' high. If you really want a ladder, my surveyor cousin has something like this:

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          Thanks for the feedback.

          I do already have a work platform in fact, which is fine for some jobs like decorating, but I need something quick and easy in addition to that. For example - in the current tenancy turnround I mentioned I just need access to change a single downlighter, and I don't want have to break out the roof bars or work platform for that!

          The telescopic ladder's a nice thought (very expensive, and rubbish reviews though!) and thinking about it, I could probably do with a tooltray-cum-platform at the apex as well, which that type lack. Will keep looking!


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            I've had one of these for years and find it very useful.



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              Originally posted by jdmf View Post
              I've had one of these for years and find it very useful.
              Yes that's very similar to the one I have which doesn't fit the car - hence my query!

              In case anyone's interested(!), I've just taken delivery of one of these, which meets the spec very well. Nice and light, fits in the car, seems very stable, and readily lets me reach the ceiling.


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                Depends how high up you want to get. Are there high ceilings/loft hatches?

                If you look at Argos they do an Abru 5 and 7 step ladder (I have both of these and they will go in Quashqi and Q3 if you push them right through to the dashboard on passenger side.

                I also have the 2 and 3 steps -also at Argos and they will go accross the back seats.

                Yes, my garage is like a ladder warehouse.

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