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    SDLT on deferred consideration

    A property is being sold for £175K of which £45K is being paid on completion (to clear the existing mortgage) with the balance being payable "on demand".

    According to the solicitor, who says she has spoken to the Inland Revenue, this will be not be subject to SDLT as it is based on the physical consideration of £45K and therefore under the threshold.

    My understanding is that SDLT is payable on the purchase price (or market value) which would give rise to £1750.

    The sale is being structured in this way as is between father to daughter and they want to avoid IHT consequences - the £175K is a fair market value and supported by Surveyors valuation.

    What is the correct treatment of SDLT in this case.

    Full purchase price carries SDLT. The consideration is £175 000 (not £45 000).
    The fact that only part of the price is paid-over on completion makes no difference. It's just like a sale-and-mortgage back (in which P might leave all price outstanding on mortgage back to V; still, the whole price is subject to SDLT).
    See leaflet SDLT6- esp. question 10 (and, in question 12, "cash code 30" and "contingent consideration code 39").
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      Attached the snippet of the title register (apologies the picture quality isn’t the best but I think you can make out the content).
      13-08-2022, 17:33 PM
    • Lease appears on charges register of a freehold house
      by scott0807
      Hi all,

      This is my first post here.

      I am currently in the process of buying my first home so therefore I am not overly familiar with the processes and legalities of everything. This week my solicitor sent me many documents including the house title plan and title register extracts....
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      by Lawcruncher
      Now we know for certain that the CPO was registered in 1983 we can assert that "there was no CPO revealed in the searches" is a statement worthy of an Old Etonian because it is strictly true but misleading. When you purchased, the seller's conveyancer would have submitted various documents...
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      Hi all,

      Looking for some guidance on a mortgage that I am going through,

      I own a property outright and my mortgage company noticed there is an CPO order showing on land registry from the 1980s and requires myself/solicitors to purchase a cpo indemnity policy to protect itself....
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      by Muji84
      The date on the land registry is the 23.02.1983.

      I only found our about the charge when going through the mortgage.

      I suspect (and I could be 100% wrong) that as I brought the house cash only, there were no mortgage conditions etc the convayoncer would have to meet in order...
      12-08-2022, 09:44 AM
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      by Lawcruncher
      That is not making sense. If the CPO dates back to the 1980s no way would it have been registered after October 2021. In the unlikely event it was you would have been given written notice. Have a look at the relevant entry on the register. At the start in brackets is a date. What is it?...
      12-08-2022, 08:42 AM
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      Hi lawcruncher

      I brought the property in October 2021, my conveyancer mentioned recently that at that time "there was no cpo revealed in the searches to make this necessary" I was asking if they purchased a cpo indemnity policy

      The CPO is showing on land registry....
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      No ground rent is owing, it is paid monthly with the service charges to the HA. The buyer is aware of the nature of the HA and the freeholder as thy already own a flat in the lock....
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    • Reply to CPO indemnity
      by Lawcruncher
      The first and important point to make is that a CPO must be exercised within 3 years. There may be some doubt about precisely when the 3 years starts, but there can surely be no doubt that a CPO made in the 1980s is now a dead letter. Either it was never exercised or, if it was, it related to a part...
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