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  • Finding a recent survey online

    Had a quick google and check through the forum, nothing jumping out.

    The scenario is I am looking at a flat purchase above a retail commercial unit, the building has had pinning work which looks long standing with no obvious defects internally or externally.
    Obviously it raises a potential issue and was last sold 2 years ago which is fairly recent and as such I was hoping the survey could be found online which might give me a heads up, anyone assist?

    oh and hi

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    The survey belongs to the person who paid for it to be carried out. So there is little likelihood it can be found online.


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      Thanks for reply Mrs M I suspected that might be the case but the vendors EA were asking me to provide a copy to them!! I don't if that's common practice as its the first time anyone has asked me to do so but it certainly doesn't appear to be in my interest. My concern being they would hawk it around potential purchasers at no cost or risk to them driving the price up.

      Didnt seem quite cricket to me and thought if it was there would be an archive some place where that sort of info is stored.


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        The only legitimate reason I can think of for asking for someone's survey is if you have asked for a price deduction and they want proof it is needed - and even then most people would get their own check done.


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